What to Pack in a Kids Summer Pool Bag with BBLittles Reuseable Swim Diaper Review

What to Pack in a Kids Summer Pool Bag

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Living in the sunshine state I stay prepared for pool and beach weather year round.  You never know when a water opportunity might present itself.  Don’t be that mom who has to say no because you weren’t prepared!  Keep a water bag in your car all summer, or year round if you are lucky like us!

I have been caught unprepared a few too many times for me to not know the importance of having a water bag packed.

Once we were on the way home from my big girls routine follow up scans and as we were driving across the causeway she saw the ocean and wanted to stop.  I mean she had just been at the hospital being poked and prodded and x-rayed and she just wanted to play in the ocean for a few mins.  Had we not been over an hour from home OR if I had a water bag in the car I would have said yes.  But at the time I had neither of those.  Mom fail.

Another time we were at an outdoor mall that had a splash pad area for kids which I didn’t know about ahead of time.  Of course, all the other kids are splashing around and I have no extra clothes for my girls OR a water bag.

Now, I don’t feel like I have in some way ruined their childhood by them missing these opportunities.  However, I know that these type situations keep popping up and I would much rather be that mom that can say YES!  Go splash and laugh and be a kid!

What to NOT keep in your Pool bag

Please Please Please DO NOT keep sunscreen in your bag, in your car, in the heat of the summer!  It changes the makeup of your sunscreen and makes it not effective!  Seriously, I am not being paranoid, it’s a fact.  I do suggest keeping sunscreen in your purse at all times and bringing your purse into your home.  Even storing sunscreen in your garage can be problematic if your garage gets too hot.

A Safe Guide To Sunscreen

Bug Spray.  Same problem and solution as the sunscreen.  Just keep a little emergency bottle in your purse. Maybe you don’t have a crazy mosquito problem like us BUT if you do, don’t get caught at a watering hole with no bug spray!

Foods that shouldn’t get hot.  Like squeeze pouches or candy

Bottles of water.  The plastic conspiracy about water bottles getting hot could or could not be true, I don’t know.  But I air on the side of caution and don’t drink out of hot plastic bottles.  Plus, let’s be honest, we should all be ditching the plastic bottles anyways.

What to include in your Pool bag

Towels – One or two small ones.  Remember this is just an emergency bag.  If you know you are going to the pool, obviously pack a towel for everyone but in an impromptu water situation, just a towel to dry off with could be shared.

Extra Clothes– My kids are under 5.  I just keep a onesie for each of them in my pool bag.  Nothing fancy.  Just something so they aren’t naked for the ride home if for some reason their other clothes get wet.

Snacks– Goldfish, crackers… Things that can store well even in the heat of a car

Water shoes – Cheapies from Wal-Mart because sometimes you can only play in the splash pad or whatever if you have shoes.

Sun Hats– Protect that sweet baby skin!

Change – In case you need a drink or snack from a vending machine or something.  Or parking!

Swim Apparel– Again my kids are under 5.  One is potty trained and the other is not. I ALWAYS keep BBLittles reusable swim diapers with me!  Once Ev gets a little older I will probably pack her a full bathing suit but for now, I’m good with just throwing her in a pair of swim bottoms.

The great thing about BBLittles reusable swim diapers is they are adjustable!  So they fit from size newborn on up!  I don’t have to make sure everyone has the right size because everyone can wear the same size.

Living in the sunshine state I stay prepared for pool and beach weather year round.  You never know when a water opportunity might present itself.  Don't be that mom who has to say no because you weren't prepared!  Check out what to pack in a kids summer pool bag!

They are also washable so I’m not having to spend money on those gross disposable swim diapers.

And I just heard they are coming out with some SPF swim tops this summer too!

We used BBLittles reusable swim diapers last summer too and I am still using the same pairs!  They have held up SO well!  Plus they are owned by a mom and dad company and I LOVE to support small shop owners!

So mama, get up, pack that swim bag and throw it in your car right now!  Enjoy every ounce of summer and don’t let a little thing like not being prepared stand in your way!

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