Make Yourself a Promise- Tips for Sticking to Your Goals

One of the hardest parts about setting goals for yourself is keeping them!  Isn't it?  I mean even simple goals.  Why is sticking to your goals such a hard thing for us?   We, as mothers and wives and caregivers always seem to be putting ourselves last.  When we set a goal for our self it often seems okay to just push it to the back burner if something else gets in the way.   But mama... how long are you going to keep back burnering yourself?  You can't do it forever!  

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One of the hardest parts about setting goals for yourself is keeping them!  Isn’t it?  I mean even simple goals.  Why is sticking to your goals such a hard thing for us?  

We, as mothers and wives and caregivers always seem to be putting ourselves last.  When we set a goal for our self it often seems okay to just push it to the back burner if something else gets in the way.

But mama… how long are you going to keep back burnering yourself?  You can’t do it forever!

I am a practical person and a pretty normal kind of mom.  So I KNOW that things come up, and I am also the kind of person that is going to take a break when I need one.  BUT taking a break from your goals because “life” comes up will ultimately just result in you failing.  

Kids get sick, the air conditioning goes out, a tree falls on your roof, a family member dies… all valid reasons to take a break.  For a second.  Not for a month, or a lifetime.

If we continue to let excuse after excuse push our goals to the back we will NEVER achieve them!

How to start sticking to your goals

This is so simple mama.  Seriously.  You just need to make yourself a promise.  Then stick to it.

We make promises to everyone else in our lives and stick to them.  Why not extend the same courtesy to yourself?  Are you not just as valuable as the other people you make promises to?  (The answer here is YES by the way! )

The Goal Setting Workbook that I will link to at the bottom of the post it a great place to get all your goals in order.  It breaks them down by category and gives you room to create actionable goals.

However, writing all that down and making a plan is worthless unless you follow through!  So make yourself a promise!  Then keep it!

Pinky promise yourself, write your goal on the bathroom mirror, make a checkbox in your planner, create a reminder on your phone… do whatever you need to do to keep that promise!

Now, this concept isn’t something new.  In fact, I first stumbled upon it when I was reading Girl, Wash your Face by Rachel Hollis.  If you haven’t read this book, seriously, click the link and order it right now.  It is fantastic and honestly life changing!

Girl Wash Your Face 

Anyways, in the book, she talks about making herself a promise and sticking to it.  Her promise was that she would work out every day.  She went out for a night with some girlfriends, ended up staying out super late, came home and still ran a few miles on the treadmill.  She posted something on social media about it and one of her friends commented that she couldn’t believe she went home and ran after their night out.  To which Rachel responded, that she had made a promise to herself and she wasn’t going to break it.

I mean how inspiring is that?  

Sure she probably didn’t want to do that workout at all.  If I was in her shoes I probably would have just dragged my butt up to bed.  However, she refused to break that promise and the end result is that instead of taking the easy way out she got to wake up the next morning one step closer to her goal.

A promise to myself

At the end of July, I decided that I was finally going to give up caffeine.  Crazy right?!? I mean I’m a stay at home mom, aren’t we supposed to live off coffee or whatever?

Honestly, I’ve been trying for a long time to give up caffeine but it never seemed to work out.  The headaches were brutal and I really do like coffee.

I’m also totally annoyed at the dependency on caffeine every day.  I mean just the fact that I have to have caffeine to avoid a headache is ridiculous!

I also really enjoy the sugar that I load up in my coffee and I knew that if I ever wanted to cut back on my sugar intake I was going to have to address the coffee and sweet tea that I consumed every day.

So, I made myself a promise that I was cutting the habit.  No more morning coffee, no more Starbucks lattes just for fun, no more giant McDonalds sweet teas.

Every time my head started pounding and I just wanted to stick an IV of caffeine in my arm I thought back to my promise and knew if I could just stick it out one more day I would be one step closer to being headache free.

I found other things I liked to drink at Starbucks like Strawberry Green Tea and yes, they do have a FEW decaf drinks.

I started drinking lots more water which is always good for the body and the mind.

And you know what?  It’s been a month and I am caffeine free.

What happens when you follow through with your promises?

After quitting the caffeine by only committing to keep a promise to myself I feel so empowered to challenge myself even more.

Kind of like making the bed every day.  You make the bed and after doing that one simple chore you feel motivated to do more.  That’s how keeping a promise to yourself makes you feel.

You already succeeded once so of course, you can do it again.

The thing is, I could have made so many excuses to back out of that promise to myself.  But I didn’t.  Now that I know I CAN stick with something, it makes all my other ideas and goals seem a little more realistic.

What other people see when you are sticking to your goals.

Someone is always watching how you behave.  Peers, coworkers, spouses, family, children.  When you follow through with a promise to yourself and accomplish a goal other people are seeing that too.

You following your own dreams and achieving your own goals gives other people the inspiration and power to do that in their own lives as well.

Imagine the image you are painting for your children as they watch you keep promises and succeed.  As you keep pushing forward and not giving up when things get hard.  When they grow up and face hard things in their own lives they will be able to look back to the example that you set for them.

If they constantly see a mom giving up or making excuses for not following through, they are going to learn those same patterns.

So follow through, let those little people see how strong you are.  Let them see that you are dependable and trustworthy and loyal to everyone including yourself!

Big Picture

Keeping a promise to yourself is both really hard and really easy.  It’s hard because the only person you are accountable to is you.  No one but you cares if you fail. 

This is where you need to learn the importance of who you are in this world.  You are worthy of success, of achievement, of having dreams and goals.  You are not a back burner item.

Yes, you are a wife, a mom, a sister, a daughter.  But you are also a person.  You have to remember to take care of that person too.

When you set and reach for goals you are admitting your worth.

When you make a promise to yourself you are committing to that worth.

Making a promise to yourself means reminding yourself every single day that you are worthy of the time and energy that you are putting into your goals.

So wake up, get dressed, make your bed and run after your dreams.  Promise that girl in the mirror that no matter what life throws at you, you WILL keep every promise you make to yourself.

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