Sneak Peek Test Results – The Anticipated and Shocking Gender Reveal

Sneak Peek Test Results – Is Worth the Money?

A byproduct of our plugged-in, high-tech, social media-focused life is we have become accustomed to is instant gratification.  We don’t wait for much of anything anymore, including finding out the gender of our babies before they are born.  

The Sneak Peek Test promises to deliver the all-important baby gender results straight to your inbox almost 11 weeks sooner then you can find out at your 20-week anatomy ultrasound.  For a world that lives for immediate gratification, this is a MUST have kind of test.  

Or is it?

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Sneak Peek Promises 99% accurate results.  They also offer pretty inexpensive pricing so why not?

What’s the harm in finding out extra early?

My Ordering Experience with the Sneak Peek Test 

There are two versions to order.  One test comes in the regular mail and the other is the express service.  We ordered the express service and it still took a week to get it.  I’m not sure what company thinks express means taking 7 days to receive but as a consumer, those two just didn’t add up for me.  Plus for double the price I was seriously dissatisfied with this. 

Once the test got here it had very clear instructions. You had to scrub up like you are going to surgery.  They provide you with a nail brush, gloves, and a few other essentials to make sure you don’t contaminate your sample.

Since you can not do the test in the bathroom because the sample might be contaminated,  I chose my office because my husband is literally NEVER in there.  So I assumed that was a good place to go.

The Sneak Peek test again is very specific with the instructions and they provide all the tools you need to get youresults.  

You do have to take your own blood sample, which in theory should be very easy.  Except the needles that come with the kit aren’t the best and it actually took me pricking more than once to draw any blood.  Not a fun experience.

Once I finally drew blood, it ended up gushing and making a huge mess.  Of course, you can’t have any assistance because of the contamination factor.

Once the results were packaged and mailed in, the got back to the lab within 24hours.  So to get the test takes a long bit but the return shipping truly was express.

You can follow the whole check-in process with the lab and receive your results within 24 hours.

Did I really need to know the results of my babies anatomy?

My husband and I have always liked to find out the gender of our babies as soon as possible.  With my first two, I scheduled my 12-week ultrasound a week late.  Technically at 13 weeks if you have a good ultrasound tech they can find out for you.  

With baby number three I wasn’t able to get my appointment scheduled right so I wasn’t going to be able to find out.

I had seen Sneak Peek all over social media, influencers everywhere were promoting it like it was the new cool thing to do.  And if Instagram says you should do it then you have to right?

Well, no actually.  Not only do we live in an age of instant gratification but we also put way too much stock in what everyone else is doing.  I mean I really spent almost $200 to find out my baby’s gender a few weeks early because everyone else was doing it too.

When I lay it all out like that, how stupid do I sound?  But be honest, how many things have you bought because some stranger on the internet, who seemed credible, because they have a ton of followers, told you to?

Its kind of embarrassing that we are so consumed with social media in todays culture.

So no, I didn’t really need to know.  The idea was in my head, I felt like I might be left out of the cool kids club if I didn’t, and my grandfather had just suffered a stroke and was on his death bed.  

So I did it.

My Sneak Peek Test Results 

My grandfather’s declining health was the final push that made me take the step and do the Sneak Peek test.

Thankfully my results came in as I was walking into a hospice to see him one evening.  I got to give him the news and he gave me a huge smile in return.  It was one of the last coherent moments I had with him before he passed a few days later.

Knowing I had been able to share at least a little knowledge of this grandchild he would never meet with him made the grief of losing him the tiniest bit more bearable.

Eleven weeks pass and we go into our anatomy ultrasound. 

Our ultrasound tech knew what our Sneak Peek results said.  

We chatted as we looked at all the arms, legs, and organs of our baby.  The ultrasound when on for longer than usual as the tech tried and tried to get the baby to move and show us the goods.  She kept saying “this baby just won’t move”.  I even got up and jumped around a few times.

She finally, cryptically, went to get another senior tech.  The other tech comes it, checks the baby, and confidently says “you can’t make this into a boy, it’s clearly a girl”.

The original tech is horrified and she says that’s what she thought but she wanted a second set of eyes to confirm since this contradicted our blood test.

My husband and I are hysterically laughing at this point.  Something like this could only happen to us! Neither of us was disappointed, I, in fact, was relieved after hearing all about the nuances of taking care of little boy parts from my friends.

Eventually, the whole room is laughing so hard we are crying.  The nurse comes to get us for our appt with the doctor and we have a big laugh with her as well.

Then my doctor comes in, we joke around for a bit about it, and then she puts her doctor hat on and tries to figure out how this could happen.

Could there be something biologically wrong with the baby that would have caused the blood test to show  Male DNA and the sonogram to show female anatomy?  

At this point, the humor is gone, I start freaking out and I force her to give me all the details about what that would mean for my child even as she assures me it’s extremely rare.  She tells me not to worry about it and that she would talk with some colleagues and see if we should do additional testing.

I leave, totally in a panic.

Sneak Peek Test Results Were Wrong for Me and Many Others

I start googling Sneak Peek test results way more in-depth then I did originally.

On their website, they state the results are 98% accurate.  In the email, they sent me state  it was 100% positive result of being male.  I was positive I had no male DNA present when I took the test.

As I am searching I find other women with the same story as mine.  Sneak Peek says male, sonogram, and later a confirmed birth reveal female.  

Lots and lots of other women.  

Of course, I am finding these test reviews on other websites besides the Sneak Peeks site.

One review who states she was a phlebotomy nurse and knew 100% what she was doing got wrong results.  Another woman, who showered and took the test naked as to not contaminate the results got the wrong results.  And most of these wrong results were ones that stated male which was actually female.

At this point, I have calmed down and I am just mad.  Mad that I have to tell everyone that the test was wrong.  More mad that I wasted money on the test.  Mostly mad that I didn’t do better research before ordering it to begin with.

Most of all, I’m mad that the whole reason I bought the test was to share the results with my grandpa before he died.  And what I told him was wrong.  I can’t just call him and tell him the results were wrong at this point.

I’ve decided however that the big grin he gave me was because he somehow had insider information and he knew I was wrong.  He would have thought that was hilarious.  He was that kind of guy.

After my experience with the Sneak Peek test results, I have heard so many more stories of tests being wrong.  A family friend told me she personally knows three women who have gotten the wrong results from this test.

Would I recommend the Sneak Peek Test?

Because of the expense, I would not even recommend this test as a fun thing to do.  You might as well try the ring on a string trick or the Chinese calendar prediction.

Taking the test was extra difficult, obviously, the results being wrong sucked and the emotional turmoil of knowing I didn’t get to tell my grandpa the correct gender before he passed, AND thinking there might be something biologically wrong with my child are just not worth it.

I am not trying to bash Sneak Peek at all.  However, if you are going to offer this service you need to either have a clear warning that lots of ladies get wrong results or have a better process of determining the results.

I’ve found out since taking this test that you can actually request this be done at your doctors’ office and the results are much more reliable.

Even then though, is living in the instant gratification mindset the right thing to do?  Just because we can do everything in our life at breakneck speed mean we should?  

I don’t think so.

I think instead of spending time obsessing over getting all the best, newest, trendiest maternity and baby gear, we should spend a little more time focusing on ourselves.  Focus on how incredible our bodies are.  How incredible it is to be creating a new life.  Focus on what we can do to give this little human the best quality of life possible.  Which truthfully has nothing to do with the things we can buy for it.

Spend some time relaxing.  

Get off social media.  Spending nine months comparing yourself to the billion other photoshopped, filter overlaid pregnant women won’t help you with anything.  

My option, just wait a few extra weeks, save your money and buy yourself a massage!

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  • Ashley May 12, 2020 at 6:04 pm

    I’m so sorry your test was wrong and you were able to tell your grandfather before he passed. I took this test before reading any reviews, just on the recommendation of my sister in law, and now I’m honestly hoping mine is wrong too (is that selfish?). My husband and I and both our families really want a girl. I been having dreams of having a girl and out results came today and boy. Our anatomy scan is in 3 weeks so we are hoping I messed up. I regret ever doing this test I should have just been patient. I feel like it’s causes more turmoil than it needs to.

    • TheGracefulOlive June 11, 2020 at 8:09 pm

      Exactly how I feel Ashley! So much stress and turmoil over a test you performed in your house! Another thing I didn’t even know about until after the fact was you can have the same type of test performed with your Dr, only those tests are actually legit! Good luck mama!

    • Kay November 21, 2020 at 3:01 pm

      Did you get confirmation on boy or was your result wrong too? We got our results back that says boy but my SO, who really wants a boy, says its wrong and just feels its a girl and refuses to tell anyone until we know for sure by scan lol

      • TheGracefulOlive November 21, 2020 at 4:11 pm

        The sneak peek test said boy and I actually had a girl! I guess I could understand if the results were wrong the other way around but how could my test detect MALE DNA when both I and my child are FEMALE!

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