Gender Reveal Sneak Peek Test Review – Not What I Was Expecting

Finding out you are pregnant is exciting! Then you realize you have to wait to find out the gender and the wait is agony! Check out my Sneak Peek Test Review and see if you should spend the money and find out as early as 9 weeks!

Sneak Peek Test is Perfect for Impatient Parents

Today I want to talk a little bit about a product that I was SUPER excited to try out.  I had seen so many of my Instagram friends use it and even my sister-in-law used it.

This post contains affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through a link I provide that I may be compensated. This does not change the price for you and I only recommend products and services that I believe in and trust.

It’s called the Sneak Peek Test.  It is a blood test that you can take at home and find out the gender of your baby as early as 9 weeks!  That’s life-changing, right?

I mean I know there are people out there that are totally content waiting until the day of birth to find out the gender but I am so not one of those people.  I am a planner and I NEED to plan!

The test is a little pricey, I think, for something that isn’t really necessary.  So my husband, who is just as impatient as I am, and I waffled about getting it for a few weeks.

Then my grandfather had a surgery that went terribly wrong and his health was quickly deteriorating.  We decided to go ahead and take the test because we wanted to be able to tell him the gender before he passed.  It was a heartbreaking situation.

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Ordering the Sneak Peek Test Review

There are two versions to order.  One test comes in the regular mail and the other is the express service.  We ordered the express service and it still took a week to get it.

For double the price I was seriously dissatisfied with this.  Had my grandfather not been on his deathbed I probably would have been a little more relaxed about the whole thing but I NEEDED to find out immediately!

Once the test got here it had very clear instructions.

You had to scrub up like you are going to surgery basically.  They provide you with a nail brush and everything!

You can not do the test in the bathroom because the sample might be contaminated by male DNA.  I chose my office because my husband is literally NEVER in there.  So I assumed that was a good place to go.

The Sneak Peek test again is very specific with the instructions and they provide all the tools you need.  You have a little finger pricker which SUCKS!

The first prick barely broke the skin and resulted in zero bleeding.  Of course, pricking your finger is one of the worst things ever so the thought of doing it twice was awful.

The second prick produced so much blood that it got EVERYWHERE.  I mean all down my arm, all over my desk.  You can’t ask your husband for help because they might contaminate the sample SO if you need help you are out of luck!

I finally get the bleeding under control, package all my blood up, and mail it out.

Getting the sample back to the lab was much faster!  I think they got it the next day and with the express package, you get your results super quick as well.

They email the results to you and I literally got them as I was walking in to see my grandfather one evening about 7pm.

Sneak Peek Test Results Confirm It’s a BOY

After two girls I was almost stunned because I was certain we could only make girls!  Most of my family was with me in the parking lot and we all celebrated.

When I told my grandpa it was a boy he got a huge grin on his face.  After that evening he was put on heavy morphine and couldn’t really respond to us anymore.  I was so happy that I got to tell him when he was still coherent.  He passed a few days later.

Grief and Anxiety- Why you need to address your grief

Now we have a really close group of family and friends.  We went through fertility treatments with our first daughter so there was no waiting until 12 weeks to make the announcement.  Everyone knew pretty much as soon as we did.

With our second we felt like there was no reason to hide it as everyone had already gone through the emotional ups and downs of fertility treatments with us.  So everyone knew as soon as we found out.

Same with baby number three.  While we didn’t officially announce to the world that we were having a boy, most everyone who mattered knew.

Fast forward to my 21-week anatomy/ gender reveal ultrasound.

Our ultrasound tech knew what our Sneak Peek results said.  We joked and laughed as we looked at all the arms, legs, and organs of our baby.  The poor tech tried and tried to get the baby to move to show us the goods between the legs.  She just kept saying “this baby just won’t move”.  I got up and jumped around a few times.

She finally, cryptically, went to get another senior tech that worked there.  The other tech comes it, checks the baby out and says “you can’t make this into a boy, it’s clearly a girl”.

The original tech is horrified and she says that’s what she thought but she wanted a second set of eyes to confirm since this contradicted our blood test.

My husband and I are hysterically laughing at this point.  Something like this could only happen to us! Neither of us were disappointed, I, in fact, was relieved after hearing all about the nuances of taking care of little boy parts from my friends.

Eventually, the whole room is laughing so hard we are crying.  The nurse comes to get us for our appt with the doctor and we have a big laugh with her as well.

Then my doctor comes in, we joke around for a bit about it and then she puts her doctor hat on and tries to figure out how this could happen.

Could there be something biologically wrong with the baby that would have caused the blood test to show make DNA and the sonogram to show female anatomy?  

At this point, my cancer-mom brain kicks in and I force her to give me all the details about what that would mean for my child even as she assures me it’s extremely rare.  She tells me not to worry about it and that she would talk with some colleagues and see if we should do additional testing.

I leave, totally in a panic of course.

My dad is watching our big girls at home and he and my husband both try to calm me down.  Of course, I can’t.

Anxiety an Fear – Stop Giving Power to the “What if’s”

I start googling Sneak Peek test review, way more in-depth then I did originally.

On their website, they state the results are 98% accurate.  In the email, they sent me it was 100% positive result of being male.  I was positive I had no male DNA present when I took the test.

As I am searching I find other women with the same story as mine.  Sneak Peek says male, sonogram and later a confirmed birth reveal female.  Lots and lots of other women.  Of course, I am finding these reviews on other websites besides the Sneak Peeks site.

One review who states she was a phlebotomy nurse and knew 100% what she was doing got wrong results.  Another woman, who showered and took the test naked as to not contaminate the results got wrong results.  And most of these wrong results were ones that stated male which was actually female.

At this point, I have calmed down and I am just mad.  Mad that I have to tell everyone that the test was wrong.  Mad that I wasted money on the test.  Mad that I didn’t do better research before ordering it to begin with.

Most of all, I’m mad that the whole reason I bought the test was to share the results with my grandpa before he died.  And what I told him was wrong.  I can’t just call him and tell him the results were wrong at this point.

I’ve decided however that the big grin he gave me was because he somehow had insider information and he knew I was wrong.  He would have thought that was hilarious.  He was that kind of guy.

Why you SHOULD let your children watch you grieve

After my experience with the test, I have heard so many more stories of tests being wrong.  A family friend told me she personally knows three women who have gotten the wrong results from this test.

Would I recommend this test?

Because of the expense, I would not even recommend this test as a fun thing to do.  You might as well try the ring on a string trick or the Chinese calendar prediction.

Taking the test was extra difficult, obviously the results being wrong sucked and the emotional turmoil of knowing I didn’t get to tell my grandpa the correct gender before he passed, AND thinking there might be something biologically wrong with my child are just not worth it.

I am not trying to bash Sneak Peek at all.  However, if you are going to offer this service you need to either have a clear warning that lots of ladies get wrong results or have a better process of determining the results.

I’ve found out since taking this test that you can actually request this be done at your doctors’ office and the results are much more reliable.

My option, just wait a few extra weeks, save your money and buy yourself a massage!

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