The Most Useful Apps to Store Kids Art Digitally

Best Options For Storing Kids Art Digitally

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The paper art created by kids can be outrageously overwhelming.  It seems like every day we are inundated with at least five more projects which they insist on mom hanging onto. So the question is how to store all these pieces of your kids’ art. Digital Storage is the newest way to combat the overwhelm of paper in our lives.

For the purposes of this post, I will refer to any paper items you might wish to keep for your kids as “art”.  However, this can encompass a lot of different things.  Certificates, awards, report cards anything in the paper category that you might want to keep for an extended period of time.

Which Art Pieces Should you Keep?

In my own experience kids are kleptomaniacs.  Any piece of art created, even if it’s a single line across the paper is worthy of being kept in their eyes.  Great for there sense of accomplishment, but not so great for dealing with the upkeep and storage.

Depending on the age of your children you may or may not be able to talk to them about only keeping the best of their finished products.  I wouldn’t suggest trying to limit their creative spirits, just try and rein in what they feel the need to hold onto.

My children are young enough to still want to keep everything but then don’t remember their projects after they are out of sight. 

If the project isn’t extraordinary, sentimental or something your kids just can’t part with, just toss it.  The thing to remember is your kids are most likely not going to have any interest in these art pieces later in life.  Anything you save will be for your own enjoyment and will be yours to look after.

Options to Digitally Store Kids Art

The wonderful thing about being able to digitally store kids’ art projects is that it requires no physical space.  Great for decluttering your home, keeping your paper clutter in check, and holding onto sentimental items without having any guilt associated with it.

I will caution you that digital storage can also become overwhelming and out of control if you don’t organize and store your files properly.

Having a great organization system is so important to be able to effectively store and find your files when you need them. 

Do It Yourself Digital Storage For Kids Art

Self-storage of kids art is the most cost-effective solution, but it also puts the most responsibility on you to organize and keep track of.

You can photograph the art and store it a variety of ways.

Keeping it on your phone is doable but seems like it would be very hard to keep organized.

You could upload the photos to your computer and store them in files there.  I could recommend sorting by year, and by child if you have more then one. 

To save space on your hard drive you could use an external hard drive.  The problem I have with this solution is hard drives have to be replaced, they do not last forever.  I’ve heard you must replace them every five years or so, which what happens if you forget?  You lose it forever?

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You also have the option of storing the files digitally in storage sites like Dropbox, Google Photos, and Amazon Photos.

Dropbox is free up until a certain amount of storage and then you pay monthly. 

Google Photos is also free up to a certain amount and then you pay monthly.  Google Photos stores your photos at the original quality which Is nice for access later.

Amazon Photos is free if you have Amazon Prime, and if you don’t have Amazon Prime you need it!

I’ve also heard of parents setting up email accounts for their children and they email the photos there.  This seems so unorganized to me.  You would have to open each individual email to find what you are looking for and there would be no way to change the title of the email later to help with organization.

Dedicated Digital Art Storage Services

In a day where you can outsource everything, of course, there are apps and services that handle the digital storage of your kids’ art projects for you! 

Artkive is probably the most well-known service and they handle everything for you.  The idea is that you pay a flat fee upfront and they mail you a box for you to fill with your children’s art projects.  Artkive receives the box, professionally photographs your item, digitally stores, and creates a photo book for you.  The pricing depends on how many items you send.

Plum Print offers pretty much the same service as Artkive but they can also photograph 3D items and have lots of available options for printing, like pillows and blankets.  This is also more of an MLM company as you can reach out to a Brand Ambassador and have an event where you get to touch and feel what real products will look like.

Keepy is a really cool app where you upload your own photos and Keepy organizes it all for you.  You can add voice notes to your uploads to give more description to when and how the art was created.  You can also share it with friends and family.  Keepy is great for other things besides art too, like awards and report cards.  Keepy charges a yearly fee but it ends up being a little less than $4 a month.

Canvasly is similar to Keepy except you just pay $2.99 for the app up front.  Canvasly doesnt have the best reviews and I imagine since its not really a membership service that customer service is probably lacking as well.

No matter which storage solution you chose, the digital storage of kids’ art is the way to go.  It Is going to cut down significantly on your paper clutter and allow you to hold on to those sweet childhood memories without the guilt of adding to overwhelm and mess. Any of these solutions will surely help you on your journey to figure out how to store kids’ art.

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