Have a clean home in an hour a day with this cleaning schedule

You CAN have a clean home, with children, in only an hour a day. Create a schedule that works for you, YOUR home and YOUR family. One size does not fit all in the cleaning department!

Use a cleaning schedule

It does not need to take you more than an hour per day to clean your home.  You can totally have a clean home in an hour per day.  If you have a cleaning schedule you always know what needs to be done, you can put all your to-do items on a rotating schedule and you can spend all that extra time with your kids.

Stay-at-home moms are still in charge of homemaking.

Homemaking is such a dirty word these days.  It somehow makes most women feel inferior, like taking care of household chores is not a worthy pursuit.  Is that because most homemakers have left their job to care for their young children and will return to the workforce at some point?  It seems much safer and more exclusive to be a “Stay-at-home mom” and not a simple homemaker.

So if we as women have stopped being homemakers and become SAHMs instead what does that mean for the state of our home? Are the duties that go along with being a homemaker now as taboo as the word itself?

Of course not.  SAHMs still make dinner and do laundry.  We still vacuum and clean bathtubs.  We just don’t like to think of these chores as our vocation.  I’m okay with that.  Call it whatever you want.

What I do have a problem with is when we SAHMs use this title to excuse ourselves from actually taking care of our homes in the way it should be taken care of. The line of “excuse the mess the children are making memories” immediately comes to my mind.  While this line is appropriate once in a while, if you are using it all day, every day there is probably a problem.

If you want a messy home that’s your deal, but if you are reading this post I imagine that you have found yourself pretty tired of living in a mess.  Kids are messy.  When you are at home with your kids all day your house is going to take the brunt of your children’s messy nature.  Its okay.  Kids can still be kids and you can still have a clean home.  The two CAN go together.

Change your view on a clean home.

You need to get all these excuses out of your mind.  Todays society has made it appropriate for us to have messy homes because we are just too busy.  That’s just not true y’all.  We aren’t too busy.  We just prioritize it so low on the chart.

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Change the way you think about homemaking.  Stop looking at cleaning as a burden and start seeing it as a blessing that you have a home to maintain.  A safe, clean place for your children to grow up.  An inviting place for friends and family to visit.  An oasis for you in this crazy world we live in.

Who cares if your home is a mess?

I care if my home is a mess.  I can literally feel my anxiety creeping up with the level of messiness in my house.  I can see that its harder for my children to play with their toys when they are disorganized and strewn all over the place.  Messiness is not a good thing.  Stop making excuses and make a plan.



Start off by thinking of all the chores that need to be done each week in order to keep your house CLEAN.  Not picked up but CLEAN.  Like mopping, toilet scrubbing and baseboard cleaning.  Decide how often these need to be done and then organize all your chores throughout the week.


Next you want think of things that you want done every single day.  These should be things like making the beds, doing the dishes, picking up the kids toys and in my case vacuuming.  Any picking up needs to be done daily, not weekly.  You should never let a mess go unattended for a week.


Finally you want to asses your time.  Are these tasks better done first thing in the morning, during nap time or at night?  Mine is a combination of all three.  This works out great for me because my 16 month old isn’t a huge fan of not having mommy’s undivided attention for too long of stretch of time.

Finally put it all together.

A cleaning schedule is meant to make things easier for you.  It should free up your time.  It should give you more of those fun mess making times with your kids and less time doing household tasks.  It does not have to be complex.  In fact it should be as simple as possible.  It should enable you to live a more stress-free and graceful life.

Here’s what my cleaning schdeule looks like.


Daily AM : Make beds, empty dishwasher, put in laundry and fold load in dryer.

M – Change all bed linens.  Sweep and Mop whole house.

T- Wash Towels. Clean glass and dust and baseboard.

W- Wash Kids clothes. Organize playroom.

T- Whites. Clean bathrooms.

F- Colored. Deep clean kitchen.

S- Clean out car.  Any outdoor chores.

Daily PM : Load dishwasher, Vacuum, pick up playroom.

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Less than an hour a day and my house is always clean.  I try to keep things picked up during the day as well.   With the way my playroom is organized I can usually get the kids to pick one activity up before stating another.

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I love having a cleaning schedule because if my husband is home and wants to help he can always check out the list and know what needs to be done. That totally NEVER happens but hey, I can dream right!! I love that even if something crazy comes up and I have to miss deep cleaning the kitchen one week I at least know it was done the week before.

I love not having to do tasks all day every day.

I want my kids to see that I keep a clean home but I don’t want to miss time with them in order to do so.  I want to be able to schedule a last min. playdate and not have to skip it because my house is a wreck.  I want to feel like I can take care of my family AND my home and not have to choose one over the other.  I want cleaning my home to take less time.

So are you ready to make a cleaning schedule and stick to it??




You CAN have a clean home, with children, in only an hour a day. Create a schedule that works for you, YOUR home and YOUR family. One size does not fit all in the cleaning department!

You CAN have a clean home, with children, in only an hour a day. Create a schedule that works for you, YOUR home and YOUR family. One size does not fit all in the cleaning department!


  1. Kathleen says

    I love this!!! I wish I could be as dedicated as you! I had a whole schedule written out and everything but our problem is execution! It sounds so simple just being 1 hour a day!

    • TheGracefulOlive says

      I like having a schedule because when its broken out by day, if you miss one its not that big of a deal to pick up the slack the day before. Or if I know I’m going to be busy tomorrow I can do it today instead.

  2. Lisa says

    These are great tips. If the house is messy, I am the only one that gets stressed about it so by scheduling the cleaning I can ensure it’s done and not irritating me. It is important to have cleaning/tidying chores for the kids to do as well. Giving them some tasks to be responsible for helps increase their self-esteem and awareness that a family has to all work together.

    • TheGracefulOlive says

      I agree! My three year old has finally started picking up after herself which is awesome! Of course she has to be prompted but its still great to be able to have her help in picking up her own toys.

  3. Andi says

    This is great! I just posted about scheduling summer cleaning this week. Having a schedule is huge especially when littles are around!

    • TheGracefulOlive says

      Glad to help! We recently just had a ton of renovations done so I am going to have to rework mine as well!

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