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Why a Digital Library is a MUST have for your Kids

I love reading and I really want my kids to love reading too.  I have always been a physical book reader.  I love the feel of the pages under my fingers and the smell of the pages.  However, the convenience and portability of digital books are slowly winning me over.  Add that to the ability to have an entire library that takes up zero space in my home and I might be a convert after all.

I really like the idea of digital books for my kids as well.  While we still buy print books pretty often I have discovered that a digital book library is really appealing to my kids too.

My two-year old still prefers print books by my four-year old absolutely loves reading on our Ipad.  We have a few different digital libraries but my favorite by far is Epic.

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What is Epic?

Epic has lots of great aspects to its digital library of over 25,000 titles.  You can search and sort by age groups, they have read to me options, reading quizzes and so much more.  My newest favorite aspect is the ability to create “collections” for my kids.  I can create a collection by topic in my parent profile and send it to my daughter’s profile.  I then have the ability to check on her progress, see which books she has spent the most time in and really find out what she’s enjoying.

25 Free Christmas Ebooks for Kids under 5

OR we can pull up the library together whenever we want to read books together! The convenience is truly outstanding!

Halloween Books for Preschool Aged Children

I recently created a Halloween and Fall Collection For the Preschool age group.  It contains 20+ books perfectly tailored towards her age range.  Some of the books are read-to-me options, others are those we can read together, all are adorable and perfect for the Fall season.

Check out the collection below and head over to Epic Books and start your FREE 30 day trial!  No obligation to stay with them if it isn’t 100% love but I guarantee you wont want to give it up once you see how much your kids enjoy their new digital library!  Plus at a price of $7.99 why not?

Me and My Dragon: Scared of Halloween

A boy runs into an unexpected problem when preparing to go trick-or-treating: his pet dragon is scared silly of this spooky holiday!

Five Trick-or-Treaterss

Little Brother Pumpkin Head

Because his expectant mother eats so much pumpkin, a soon-to-be big brother worries his forthcoming sibling will have a head like a pumpkin!

Kitten’s Autumn

It’s a vibrant autumn day in Kitten’s second adventure, as the ever-curious Kitten explores the woods near her farm.

Silly Kitty and the Spooky Night

When Emma is busy with her Halloween party, Silly Kitty has to find things to do. Read about Silly Kitty’s adventures on that spooky night!

Trick or Treat

Knock, knock. Trick or treat! It’s Halloween. Come see all the different monsters and creatures looking for candy.


Sensory, detailed and child-centred, this is the perfect introduction for young children to the cycles of the year.

Counting on Fall

As young readers journey into the natural world, they will discover that numbers, patterns, shapes ― and much more!

Little Frog & The Scary Autumn Thing

It’s Little Frog’s first autumn, and she doesn’t like it one bit. It is not the world she loves so much, but something scarier and ominous.

Amazing Autumn

The fall season can be truly amazing with colorful leaves in big soft piles, Halloween pumpkins and pumpkin pie. What an Amazing Autumn!

By the Light of the Harvest Moon

As the harvest moon shines down, one-by-one, leaf people emerge to celebrate the autumnal equinox.

J is for Jack-O’-Lantern: A Halloween Alphabet

J is for Jack-O’-Lantern: A Halloween Alphabet invites you to come along on this adventure and celebration of all things Halloween.

How to carve a pumpkin for kids | Books on pumpkin carving

The Perfect Jack-O’-Lantern

How do you make the perfect jack-o-lantern? With the right pumpkin and some help from your mom, that’s how.

Pumpkin books for preschool | Prek Fall books | Books about fall

The Runaway Pumpkin: A Halloween Adventure Story

A cute little Halloween pumpkin announces that he is ready for a Halloween adventure & prepares to set out on the exploration of a lifetime.

Books about Halloween | KIds Halloween books | Haunted House books for kIds

A Teeny Tiny Halloween

Every fall, the leaves from the tall trees that surround the teeny tiny woman’s house drift down until her house is buried completely.

Witch Books for Halloween | Preschool Halloween Books | Books about Witches for KIds

Lula’s Brew

Lula’s Aunties want her to be a witch like them. But Lula would rather study cookbooks than spell book

Halloween Books | Books for Halloween | Kids Halloween Books

5 Very Little Pumpkins

Join five adorable little pumpkins on their romp through their neighborhood in this silly rhyming story

Books about Pumpkins | Pumpkin books for kids

Purple Turtle: Purple and the Pumpkin Race

Purple, Zing and Squirty are about to take part in an unusual race. Each carves out a pumpkin to sail in the annual Pumpkin Race.

Halloween Books for Kids | Prek Halloween Books

Even Monsters Say Good Night

It’s bedtime, and Avery hates bedtime. She is positive that there are monsters under her bed, especially on Halloween
How perfect are these Halloween Books for Preschoolers as well as the Fall Books?  It is my favorite season of the year and I really love being able to combine my love of reading and my favorite season in a fun, convenient format for my girls to enjoy.
Have you checked out Epic Books yet?  If not, head over and grab your FREE 30 day trial now!


    • We love it! Plus I love that you can try it for free and see if its something that your kids will really like!

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