Free Digital Halloween Books for Preschool aged Children

Overwhelmed by children’s books?

Fall is in the air and Halloween is right around the corner!

books about halloween

Each season, in our nice little organized playroom I create a little corner for books.  I love it.  The kids know right where to go to find books specific to this particular time of year

Books are one of the hardest things for me to minimize in my home.  We love books!

For the longest time, I honestly felt getting rid of books was some sort of crime.  It just shouldn’t be done.  Every time we moved I moved all my boxes of books with me.  I wasn’t using them, most of them I probably wouldn’t use again but here I was dragging them everywhere with me.

Then once I had children I started collecting books for them as well.  Like their closets, their book collections started getting out of control too.

Have a smaller closet for kids


Minimizing book collections

When you start to get serious about minimizing you start taking a hard look at all your collections.  Mine needed to go.  It was taking up space in my home and in my brain.  What could you do with more space in your brain?

I slowly began donating my own books to the library.  Which is a pretty cool thing!  If our library cant use them they sell them and that helps support some of the special projects they do there.

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Books are magical but not environmentally friendly

I also realized continuing to buy books was not the best idea.  While books can be used over and Hundreds of books added weekly.over there are still better ways to be able to read besides building a collection for a family of five.  Right?

Sometimes you just need to look at things from another perspective to realize the way things have been done in the past isn’t really the way to move forward in the future.

Some environmental things make sense automatically.  Like recycling plastic or planting more trees.  Not many people will look at a book and think about the environmental impact it has.

Zero waste book solutions

Borrowing and lending are great ways to avoid buying new books.  A book swap with other moms might be a great way to get some new titles for your kiddos.

Buying secondhand is also a great idea.  Used bookstores, secondhand stores, and yardsales are great places to start.

Amazon usually offers pre-owned books for most of their titles.

Using your local library is FREE.  No physical or monetary waste!


Digital Books are the newest zero waste solution

My favorite zero waste solution for my family’s book craving is digital books.

You can still do most of the things I mentioned above for physical books with digital books as well.

Borrowing digital copies of books can be done through most libraries or shared between friends.

Of course, you can always purchase digital books these days too.

The digital nature of these books makes it simple to have your library wherever you are.

halloween reading for babiesDigital Books for Kids

Did you know that digital books for kids are a thing too?

Totally blew my mind but its true.

One of my very favorite places to find kids’ books is Epic!

What is Epic?

Epic has a huge digital library of over 35,000 titles and growing.  They add new books all the time, plus they have learning videos and quizzes too.

Huge selection of read-to-me and audiobooks.

When searching for books you can sort by age groups, topics, languages, videos, STEM, and they even have collections all put together for you.

My newest favorite aspect is the ability to create my own “collections” for my kids.  I can create a collection by topic in my parent profile and send it to my daughter’s profile.

I then have the ability to check on her progress, see which books she has spent the most time in and really find out what she’s enjoying.  You can do up to four children profiles per account, which is great for ALL the kids in your life.

OR we can pull up the library together whenever we want to read books together! The convenience is truly outstanding!

Halloween Books for Preschool-Aged Children

I recently created a Halloween and Fall Collection for Preschool age group.  It contains 20+ books perfectly tailored towards her age range.  Some of the books are read-to-me options, others are those we can read together, all are adorable and perfect for the Fall season.

Read on Epic! Anywhere. Anytime. On any device.While these are my favorites from Epic! in the preschool category you can always make your own collections or check out the ready-made ones from Epic! in whatever age range you need!

Check out the collection below and head over to Epic Books and start your FREE 30-day trial!  No obligation to stay with them if it isn’t 100% love but I guarantee you won’t want to give it up once you see how much your kids enjoy their new digital library!  Plus at a price of $7.99 why not?


My Halloween and Fall Favorites on Epic!


digital books for kids


Head over to Epic! and get start reading some of the best Halloween books for Preschoolers, or kids of any age today

Sign up now and read FREE for 30 days!


  • Christina Gaines September 18, 2018 at 7:10 pm

    I’ve never heard of Epic until now, thank you!

    • TheGracefulOlive September 19, 2018 at 1:53 pm

      We love it! Plus I love that you can try it for free and see if its something that your kids will really like!

  • christina gaines September 24, 2018 at 9:54 am

    Thanks! I showed the article to my daughter and she said: “Oh, yeah!” Teenager approved! So thanks again for the post!

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