Fall Activities For Kids – Creating a Social Calendar


Something about the changing seasons is so exciting right?  Even in Florida where the weather never really changes I get so excited for Fall.  My kids in turn get excited for all the fun fall activities for kids that they know mom will be planning.  It's the feeling in the air, the change in attitude.  It's the beginning of the season of thankfulness.  The season of blessings.  The season of good will.

Something about the changing seasons is so exciting right?  Even in Florida where the weather never really changes I get so excited for Fall.  My kids in turn get excited for all the fun fall activities for kids that they know mom will be planning.

It’s the feeling in the air, the change in attitude.  It’s the beginning of the season of thankfulness.  The season of blessings.  The season of good will.

With all the changes that are happening you are going to need to make some changes in your schedule to keep up too!  Remember the summer social schedule that we made?  Yep!  Its time to make one for fall too!

School is back in so the times for your activities that you have been doing all summer could change or go away altogether!  No more summer movies for us here in my city!  If you have school aged kids you will probably just want to take part in weekend activities BUT if you are like me and you have little ones at home all day you will want to keep them busy!

Keeping the kids busy allows us to make memories together instead of just existing in the same space all day, every day.  It gives us some variety in a situation that could easily become mundane and ordinary.

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I also know that as a SAHM if I don’t put things on a schedule I can allow myself to “just do it tomorrow”.  I stay at home with my kids so I can spend time with them.  So I can make memories with them.  I hate the days when I lay down at night and realized we didn’t really do anything besides laundry and watch movies.  That’s not the reason I stay at home.

I know I am not the only mom who struggles with this.  Honestly, I feel like this is a pretty common issue. So what is the solution?

We rely on a social schedule to keep track of our fall activities for kids.



How to find activities?



Check online.  Head to Facebook and you will most likely be able to find mom groups for your area.  Ask other moms what type of things they do with their kids or places they may frequent.


Check local attractions for season passes.  If the upfront costs are reasonable there may be places that you can frequent on a weekly basis.  ** We are lucky that we live smack dab in the middle of Florida so we have tons of activities close to us.  The town that I grew up in didn’t have a whole lot of places to hang out so depending on where you live you may have to do a little digging.


Check with local gyms.  There may be kids classes offered that you can join.  Most gyms also offer childcare for a certain amount of time while moms workout.  ** While this isn’t really an activity for you to do with your children it might be a great way for you to get a bit of alone time and an opportunity for your kids to have some play without you.


Check out local farms.  Fall is the season for local farms!  Pumpkin patches, corn fields, petting areas!


Check out your library.  This one is pretty obvious as most libraries have weekly story times.  However some will also offer arts and craft days or other fun activities during the summer months.


Check the government page in your county for a list of parks, pools and nature areas.  We rotate through our parks so that the kids get to use different amenities at each one.


Check dance and gymnastics clubs.  These clubs may have a day or two each week with open dance or open gym that you can attend.  These clubs may also offer summer programs that you can sign up for.


Does your area have a “moms page?” Mine is called Lakeland Mom and the ladies that run this site are AMAZING!  They have all the best information about what is going on in our area!


I find that churches offer mothers morning out programs in some areas.  Again this isn’t really an activity to do with your kids BUT it would be a nice break from each other for a few hours.  It would also give your kids a little socialization with other kiddos.


Another church centered activity would be finding a moms bible study.  Check at your church to see if there are any groups that meet during the week.  A group at my church meets weekly at different parks in our area so the kids can play and the moms can fellowship.

Make a plan

Once you come up with a list of activities that you want to put on your Fall activity schedule you need to decide which ones are one offs and which are ones that you may want to attend weekly.  Make sure you have a good mix of both.  Make sure you check times and restrictions of the activities you choose if you have not been there before.  There is nothing worse than getting your kids all excited to go to somewhere and you show up and they are closed.  I can’t even tell you how many times this has happened to me.

Everyone’s schedule will be different due to your weekly obligations, your child’s nap schedule’s (if they still take naps) and the activities available in your area.

My schedule looks like this

PS- Grab a blank copy for yourself at the bottom of the post!

Having a social schedule for yourself and your kids helps to keep you accountable and your kids entertained. It helps you to remember important activities when your mom brain gets in the way!


Park Day- We have a LOT of parks in our town so we rotate through them.  This is typically an early morning activity because it gets way too hot and way too crowded the later we go in the day.


Dance.  My kiddo LOVES dance!  Her sister is almost old enough to start taking her own class too.  Its only 30 min a week but we make an afternoon of it.  If she listens at dance we all get ice cream afterwards.


Story Time.  So depending on my kids mood we may or may not go to this activity.  My kids are VERY strong-willed and are often times not in the mood to sit quietly and listen.  There is a duck pond right on the other side of the library though so if we get there and they are wild we can always go feed the ducks.


Children’s Museum.  My parents purchased us a family membership to our local children’s museum which has been fantastic.  There are tons of activities for kids of all ages, its indoor and air-conditioned.  They also offer various additional educational activities each day (cooking, dancing, science ect)


Indoor Play OR Special Activities.  Special activities might be the zoo, a Disney day, a trip to a dairy farm… whatever!

Have a back up plan

Rainy days are going to pop up too! Keep a list of activities that are inside that you can rotate into the schedule with the rain shows up.  We have a huge indoor play area that only costs $3 per kids and they play SO HARD.  You could just as easily take your kids to Chick-fil-a to play in the play place though.  We also might end up doing our children’s museum several days a week if we have a rainy few days.


Make sure that you take all the things you will need.  I know this seems silly but let’s get real moms, how often do you get somewhere outside of your normal routine and realize you left something behind?? The indoor play area we go to requires socks.  They are $3 a pair and are huge!  Not cool to forget ours!

If you are going to be out in the sun please do not forget your sunscreen if it’s still super sunny where you live!  Use a safe one! They are not all created equal.  Check out my recommendations here!  If its getting cold in the morning and evenings and your activity is outdoors make sure you take jackets or blankets.

Don’t forget to take snacks and water.  I am so bad at this.  If you are going to someplace new you should never assume that they will have snacks or drinks to buy.  Even if they do it may not be something your children will like.

If life happens and you can’t stick to your schedule, give yourself a break.  The schedule is a guide, not a contract.  It is meant to help you not stress you out.

What plans do you and your kids have this fall??

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