Easy Self care ideas for moms who like to read #selfcare #momanxiety #sahm

Easy Self Care Ideas for Moms Who Like to Read

Looking for Easy Self Care Ideas?

Taking care of your own emotional well-being seems so simple. Then you become a mom. Your time is no longer your own and you find yourself lost when you do have moments of solitude.

I’m fairly certain that in the moments of quiet you, like most all moms, reach for your phone. Check Instagram. Check Facebook and emails. But really, shouldn’t you be spending that time doing something FOR yourself? Something that benefits YOU? Something that YOU enjoy?

Of course, you should.

Easy Self care ideas for moms who like to read #selfcare #momanxiety #sahm

While it sounds like such an easy thing to do, its actually become quite complicated these days. Taking time for yourself involves breaking the social media habit, which is insanely addictive. It also requires that you have something planned for yourself to do.

Before kids, I loved to read. I could read a book or two every weekend.

After kids, I am lucky to get a page or two read a month. Constant interruptions just don’t make reading a novel very appealing these days.

I also can’t remember the last time my kids let me browse the book section at any store. Maybe you have those nice polite little children who can occupy themselves while you shop… That is sadly not my reality.

The library is also somewhere I haven’t been in years. My girls are like little whirlwinds, screaming, running and ripping books off the shelves. None of those sweet little weekday morning story time sessions for us.

So again, lets just mark books off the list for this mamas choice of relaxation and self-care rituals.

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The Solution?

Magazines. Not just any magazines either. Digital magazine subscriptions from Amazon.

Yes, Amazon completes me. It makes my life so much easier in so many different areas. Their huge selection of magazines is seriously life changing though.

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Auto Renewals

I love that auto-renewal feature. I don’t have to worry about picking up this months edition when I go to the grocery store. It just automatically shows up in my library once it’s available. Once less thing to include on that never-ending to-do list.

It’s also great because it’s like a little “me-time” package that gets sent to you every month without any prep work on your part.

Small Articles

Magazines with their short little articles are the perfect compromise for a reader who doesn’t have time to read. It allows one to dive right in for a few min or longer if you are lucky. Nice easy digestible chunks of reading.

Convenient Digital Format

Its digital nature also allows you to bookmark your place automatically. No need to flip through and try and remember where you were. The app automatically open to the last page you were reading.

Traditional magazines always seemed to get misplaced in the chaos of my life. If they aren’t misplaced my two-year-old is probably ripping the pages out and throwing them around like confetti. That’s just how my life goes these days. Thankfully my digital magazines cant be ripped apart or misplaced!

Another bonus. Digital formats are extremely portable. Read up on your favorite topics while waiting for your lunch or in the doctor’s office.

Budget Friendly

Have you purchased a magazine at the store lately? They are like $6-$10 an issue! I don’t know about you but I think that’s pretty pricey. Especially because you can get the digital version for so much cheaper.

A one-year subscription to Martha Stewart is only $5. Less then a single store bought issue.

Most of the subscriptions I have at Amazon are in this price point. A few of the more specialized publications are a bit more but still well below the price of the print editions.

Inspires Creativity

When choosing magazines I recommend staying away from the gossip rags and choosing something that helps you relax. Helps you feel creative or makes you feel inspired.

My personal choices are cooking, home decorating and family magazines. I love getting new recipe ideas, seasonal and holiday decorating and fun kids activities to try.

So look for something that compliments your life and the things you enjoy.

Okay, mama. Ready to put that social media addiction behind you and start using your stare time a little more effectively?

Head over to Amazon. Browse around for your normal favorites and check out some new titles too. Give yourself the freedom to relax and unwind when you have a spare moment instead of filling it up with social media.

Need some inspiration? Here are my favorites.

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