Easy Meal Planning That Will Save You HOURS

Meal Planning should save you time and money, not force you to spend hours looking for sales and coupons. Check out this one way to save hours of prep work and get your life back! The easiest meal planning system you will ever use.

Looking for an better solution to meal planning? Need a way to save money and get all your time back? Check out this easy meal planning solution with The Dinner Daily. This service does all the work for your and even offers customized dietary preferences just for your family! A must have tool for any busy mama!


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We all know that meal planning saves time right?  And that’s what busy moms need more of right?  Time.

So why does meal planning to save time have to take SO LONG??

Honestly by the time you pick out meals, look up coupons, double check your staples, write out your lists…its time for a nap.

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What if you could get all that nonsense done and delivered to your inbox each week?  No researching what the sales are at your store, no matching up coupons, no writing out menu plans.

Literally just print your list, print your coupons and hop in the car.  Hours worth of precious time saved!

I’ve discovered a system that does just that!  It has been a HUGE game changer for me and my family.

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But Why Meal Planning?

It Saves Time

My husband is one of those guys who enjoys going to the grocery store every night.  That would be totally fine if he was a bachelor and didn’t have a wife and kids that wanted to spend time with him.  He travels for a living so any time that he is actually at home should not be wasted.

As much as one might say its just a quick trip to the store to pick up a few things it never really turns out that way.  You still have to drive there, get everything, pay, drive back, unload… Seriously?  Every day?  No thank you!

It Saves Money

When you plan your meals in advance you can buy in bulk.  Like if you are having tacos and know you will use 1/2 a tub of sour cream you should have another meal that uses sour cream.  This way you aren’t wasting any ingredients.

Also, when was the last time you went to the grocery store and ONLY bought what was on your list?  Yea, probably never.  If you are going several times a week and getting suckered into buying things you don’t need you are wasting money.

Even if your grocery store is close you are still driving back and forth and wasting all that gas.

It Saves Sanity

Let’s face it.  Kids and grocery stores are just not the best combinations.  They want the cookies and the balloons.  They want to walk and they want to help put everything in the cart.  If I only have to do this once every seven days that’s HUGE.

Meal Planning | Meal planning with kids | easy meal planning | cheap meal plans

What is the easy meal planning solution?

A meal planning app that lets you choose your store of preference, how many meals you need for the week, and what your dietary needs are.

The Dinner Daily lets you choose from all the main grocery stores in your area and looks at the sales in that store each week.  Then it looks at how many meals you need and what kinds of foods you like to eat.  You can even say you want 3 days of vegetarian meals and 2 days of chicken meals.  You can add any other restrictions like dairy, nut or gluten-free.

The Dinner Daily app than sends you meals and lets you approve the main dishes, any side items and change them immediately if you don’t like them.  Any changes you make are STILL based on what your store has on sale each week and it saving money without you having to put all that time into the research!

The app shows you all the recipes, cooking times and nutritional facts before you make the final decision.  Once you are satisfied with your choices you simply print the shopping list.

But that’s not all.  The Dinner Daily also gives you all the printable coupon links to go along with your meals! For real! It’s a life-changer.

TO recap you get a customized meal plan based on store-specific sales, an itemized shopping list, and digital coupons.

As if that not enough they also have a section where you can plan a dinner for a larger crowd and a section of make ahead meals!  They have literally thought of everything!

The Dinner Daily is the perfect investment for busy families who want to save time on meal planning.  The best part is that you can even try it free for two weeks.  Save yourself the headache and let The Dinner Daily take care of all your meal planning for you!


Click HERE to sign up and try The Dinner Daily FREE for two weeks!





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