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Easy Breakfast Meal Plan for Kids from Basic Pantry Staples

Are you tired of scrambling to create a healthy breakfast that your kids will eat in the morning? Do you end up staring blindly into your pantry only to reach for cereal once again? What if I told you with a few simple staples you could create endless options for a healthy, easy, breakfast meal plan for kids.

Are you tired of scrambling to create a healthy breakfast that your kids will eat in the morning? Do you end up staring blindly into your pantry only to reach for cereal once again? What if I told you with a few simple staples you could create endless options for healthy, easy breakfast menu for kids?

I was so tired of my kids waking me up at 6 am with the “mom I’m SO SO hungry” every day. I would drag myself to the kitchen and realize there was nothing to eat that wasn’t going to take an hour to prepare. For the sake of convenience, my kids ended up with processed, sugary foods every morning.

Creating An Easy Breakfast Meal Plan for Kids

I figured there had to be a better way! I needed quick, convenient and mostly healthy. However, my kids love variety so I needed to be able to have lots of options as well.

I decided what I needed was basically a capsule wardrobe for my pantry. Which is kind of crazy but also pretty genius right? Basic items that can be paired together lots of ways to create lots of options.

I’ve been using the capsule breakfast staples for about 3 months now and honestly, it is a lifesaver. It actually saves me a ton of time and surprisingly money. My kids know what options they have and will let me know what they want each morning.

Our breakfast items are very easy to prepare and most mornings the kids jump in and help.

Ready to reinvent your mornings? I am about to give you a ton of information, but trust me it’s totally easy to get started and even easier to maintain once you do.Are you tired of scrambling to create a healthy breakfast that your kids will eat in the morning? Do you end up staring blindly into your pantry only to reach for cereal once again? What if I told you with a few simple staples you could create endless options for healthy, easy breakfast menu for kids?

Let’s start with what types of breakfast items we generally have in the mornings. From there we will talk about how to take those basic items and create variety within them. Then we will take a look at the list of both shelf stable, refrigerated and seasonal items you might need. Last we will discuss how to organize it all for ease of use.

What Type of Breakfast Items can I make with Basic Breakfast Food Staples?

Like I mentioned above we love variety in our house! We are also about 85% dairy free, don’t do eggs and rarely do we have meat of any kind in our house. Don’t feel like you have to copy this plan to the letter since I’m sure your dietary preferences are a little different than mine. However, most of what I create for breakfast are regular dairy-friendly recipes that I have modified to fit my family.

Our Easy Breakfast Menu For Kids Consists of




Hot Oatmeals

Overnight Oats


Yogurt Bowls

Breakfast Popsicles

Breakfast Cookies

Creating Variety for your Breakfast Meal Plan

Since all of the foods above can be customized I simply keep a variety of mix in items on hand. I keep both dried and fresh foods and go with whatever flavor suits me for that day. For example in my pantry right now I have various nuts, coconut, chocolate chips, peanut butter, and dates. Strawberries, bananas, and blueberries are currently in season so I have those on hand too.

Here is an example of a typical weekly breakfast menu

That’s a lot of completely different breakfast items, all of which are quickly prepared, pretty healthy and made with only a few on hand ingredients.

I’ve attached a basic staples list for you to download and take a look at here.

For the pancakes, waffles, muffins, and cookies I have those dry mixes prepared in bulk. This is even less time I have to spend in the kitchen in the morning.

I’m totally not a recipe person so here are the link to the recipes that I use to make my bulk mixes

The Best Homemade Pancake and Waffle Mix from Carrie at Eating on a Dime.

This recipe is super simple and easy and is the perfect base for adding some fun ingredients.

Pre-Made Homemade All-Purpose Muffin Mix from The Thrifty Couple

Again super basic but the cinnamon and nutmeg add an extra bit of depth to the flavor.

And these are my favorite blogs for getting new ideas for the rest of my breakfast items

Amys Healthy Baking

Her Healthy Chocolate Chip Banana Oatmeal Cookies are amazing!

She Likes Food

Izzy has several recipes for sweet AND Savory Baked Oatmeal Breakfast Cups – like a mix of muffins and cookies!

Jessica In the Kitchen

I could spend ALL DAY on her blog. Her overnight oat recipes are my favorites, her popsicles are diving and the smoothies… oh the smoothies! Also, her food photography is incredible so don’t go browsing her blog if you are hungry!

Again the great thing is, most of the recipes that you find on the blogs can be created with the ingredients you ALREADY have. And if not, you probably only need to grab an item or two extra on your weekly shopping trip.

Alright, Now we have the basics down let’s get into how to organize it all.

Premade Mixes

I use plastic bins from Wal-Mart that I paid about $3 each for. I would have preferred to go with glass BUT since my kids are helping me most mornings I thought that plastic was a bit safer.

I grabbed these cute chalkboard labels from Hobby Lobby and put one on the front and one on the back.

The front reads what the item is and the back contains the rest of the recipe.

Dry Items

I use the same bins just in a smaller size for these. I wanted everything to be organized AND pretty because it gives me a bit more motivation to cook.


This post may contain affiliate links. This just means if you make a purchase using a link I provide that I may receive compensation. This is no way changes the price for you and I only recommend products or services I truly love.

I also have a specific baking cabinet (which is currently not pretty enough to be photographed) where I keep all my additional supplies. Baking powder, baking soda, oils etc.

As far as prep work goes I do have several kitchen appliances that I use daily to make my life easier. You don’t HAVE to have these items but if you are on the fence about getting one of them, trust me and do it.

Kitchenaid Mixer

I love my mixer. I also love that my kids can use it without making a huge mess. I haven’t stirred anything by hand since I got mine three years ago. I use this pretty much any time I bake. I also have the ice cream maker attachment but that is a love story meant for another day.

Ninja Intellasense

I bought this for myself and was a little ashamed of how much I paid for it BUT that was before I realized how much I would use it. I mostly use the blender for my breakfast creations. Smoothies and popsicles. They are blended perfectly every single time.

Strawberry Huller

This might seem crazy but this is one of the best tools I use. We eat a TON of strawberries and the little scoop thing makes prepping the berries so much easier than trying to use a knife.

Tovolo Popsicles

One of the reasons that I love making smoothies and popsicles for breakfast is because I can hide good foods in them. My oldest is the pickiest eater on the planet and I have such a hard time getting her to branch out and try new things. So if I cant get her to eat veggies any other time, I will just hide them in a smoothie. Mom Win.

My kids LOVE these popsicle molds. It adds another layer of fun to breakfast.

Smoothie Cups

I got some super cute mason jar glasses with lids and straws from Hobby Lobby for the girls.  Yes, I said glass BUT they are required to sit at the table to drink them so I guess that’s my rational for letting them have glass!  I got ours with a 40% off sale and they were crazy cheap.  The ones pictured above are from Amazon and are pretty similar.

Put Your Breakfast Meal Plan into Action

Put down the cereal and pop tarts.  Step away from the morning migraine over what to make for breakfast.  Go now, print your Breakfast Staples List, check your pantry, and plan your breakfasts.  Then go bask in your newfound pre-coffee freedom!

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