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I’m always on the hunt for fun crafts to do with my girls.  However, I only have so much fridge space to display finger painting and tissue paper art.  At this point, we are getting like 3 of those projects for each kid during Sunday school each week too!

So I am on the hunt for crafts that are out of the box.  I love making things that are useful in some way.  You know, something like those ceramic ashtrays we made for all our relatives in the 90s… I kid.  Kinda.

But really, crafting is a great way to remain creatively active.  Its a way to give your mind and hands something to do and as a suffer from anxiety that is SO important.

DIY Necklace for Girls

The girls are obsessed with jewelry.  Accessories of any kind really.

These wooden necklaces are just big enough for little fingers to hold onto and paint by themselves.  You can also customize them ANY way you want!  Bonus it’s a pretty cheap project especially if you have some of the supplies on hand already!

Learn to make these super easy and cute DIY wooden bead necklaces | Summer craft for girls

What supplies do I need?

Acrylic Paints


Glitter – (optional)

Paper Straws

Wooden beads – your choice of size – can be found at craft stores

Leather Cord

Spray Fixative

Making your DIY Necklace for girls

First, you need to get your little beads onto the paper straws.  Sometimes I use the end of an extra paintbrush too.  You just need something to hold onto while you paint.

Paint away!  Acrylic paints are cheap, fast drying and you can clean them up with water!  Perfect paints for crafting with kids.

Learn to make these super easy and cute DIY wooden bead necklaces | Summer craft for girls

Obviously, my kids are just making a big ol’ hot mess of these wooden beads which is why I always pick colors that look like they are meant to go together.  Like tie-dye or something.

I like to make mine a bit more decorative… maybe add a little glitter if I am feeling ambitious.

Secondly, you need to let the 1st coat dry completely if you are going to do another coat.  You really shouldn’t need more than two.

Once all your layers are complete you want to use the spray fixative.  This gives a protective coating over your paint and stops it from coming off if it gets wet or scratched.

Keep in mind that this stuff is smelly.  This is a moms only kind of task and you will probably need a few thin layers.

Learn to make these super easy and cute DIY wooden bead necklaces | Summer craft for girls

Let dry completely.

Lastly string your beads together on the leather cord and admire your results!

I hope you and your kiddos enjoy making these necklaces!  Id love to hear what color schemes, themes or designs you went with!

PS – For even more fun you can add tassels, jewelry charms or even little plastic figurines!

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