Super easy and super cheap DIY Prayer board. Great to have a beautiful visual reminder for the things you want to pray for.

DIY Prayer Board

Super easy and super cheap DIY Prayer board. Great to have a beautiful visual reminder for the things you want to pray for.

To be honest, I don’t have the best memory.  I didn’t have a great one before kids and its way worse now.  You know what I mean right?  Most days I cant keep track of what I ate for breakfast and where I left my cell phone.

My solution?  Organization!

If it’s not written down somewhere it’s not getting remembered.  That’s why I have a cleaning schedule, an activity schedule and I have a serious mom command center and planner!

I used to be so embarrassed about my inability to remember things but at this point, I am embracing it because the first step to fixing a problem is admitting that there is one.

Sure I can remember to pray for my kids in the heat of the moment but what about the other things that I want to pray about consistently.  It might seem crazy but I want to start praying for the men that will become my son-in-law one day.  I want to pray specific prayers relevant to each of my children.  I want to pray about Little Es cancer scans well before the day of.  I like to pray for guidance in my mothering.

This list above is only the surface of things I want to pray for SPECIFICALLY for my own family.  They are in my face all day, every day so of course, these are the people my mind goes to first.

But there are other people who are on my list as well.  The cousin that just separated from her husband, my friend who is having a hard time conceiving, the group of missionaries from our church.

I have a hard time remembering this large list.  I have a hard time remembering specific prayer requests.  Do you have things that you want to pray for but seem to keep forgetting?

Like any problem, I racked my brain to come up with a solution.  A prayer board.

DIY Prayer Board

This project is super easy, like easy enough that even my husband could do it!

All you need is:

A Frame
A pretty piece of paper
A chalk marker

My frame actually came from a secondhand store that is the size of my bedroom closet.  Seriously, its tiny but they pack it full of all the best things!  I get most of my frames from this store and luckily this beauty came with the glass still intact.

Super easy and super cheap DIY Prayer board. Great to have a beautiful visual reminder for the things you want to pray for.

You can really grab a frame anywhere, new or used.  Something in your house or something brand new.
Since my frame was so big I couldn’t use a standard piece of scrapbook paper.  My options were fabric, gift wrap or poster board.

80% of my supplies come from Hobby Lobby.  When I lived in a smaller town in North Carolina the closest Hobby Lobby was an hour and a half away!  I love that I have one right down the street now!

I digress. Anyways back to poster board.  Hobby Lobby is now carrying a line of printed poster boards and they are all beautiful.  I recently got a few to use as backdrops for some of the smaller items in my Etsy shop but I went back for something a little more exotic for my Prayer Board.

They have a great selection of stripes, wood prints, florals, polka dots and more.  I went with the gold polka dots.

Literally, all you need to do is measure out the paper, cut it, place it in your frame and you are done.  I used a white chalk marker because it shows up really well.

A Thankful Board

In the spirit of Thanksgiving you can also convert your board to a Thankful Board.  It would be super cute to keep out all season and let your family keep track of all the things they are thankful for.

Great Fall and Thanksgiving decor. Fall Seasonal decor.


Keep it somewhere that makes sense to you.  I want mine in my office because that is the one place where I get to be alone.  My mother in law keeps hers in her bedroom so that its semi private.  Heck, even the bathroom would work!

The purpose of the board is to serve as a reminder!  Don’t stuff it somewhere that it wont be seen.

What else do you have a hard time remembering?

Like I said earlier, if its not written down, I wont remember it.  I am using these super cute fall themed printables this season because being organized should be pretty!  Grab yours below!



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