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Amazon Prime is one of those services that once you sign up for it, you can't quite figure out how you ever lived without it. Prime membershio is so much more than just free shipping. As a busy mom I use my membership everyday. Amazon Prime Savings

As a stay at home Mom,  we are responsible for almost everything.  From meals to budgets, dance practice to housekeeping.  I’m pretty positive that your schedule probably looks as crazy as mine.

We don’t just have all the time in the world to get our endless to-do lists accomplished.  We need a personal assistant!  Am I Right?

Since we totally aren’t getting a PA anytime soon, I have been searching for ways to make life easier on myself and my family.  Ways to get back some extra time and maybe even save a few bucks if I can.  Sounds nice right?

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Amazon Prime is one of those services that once you sign up for it, you can’t quite figure out how you ever lived without it. We’ve been paying for Amazon Prime for about 4 years now and I’ve never regretted it. We get use out of it EVERY SINGLE DAY. Prime is so much more than just free shipping. The services that are included are incredible for the small price that you pay.


Amazon is the largest online marketplace and you can buy almost everything on there. Last Christmas I needed to find specifically sized plate hangers to display some Christmas dishes. I checked Wal-Mart and they only carried one size. Any idea where you find different sized plate hangers? Yea, I didn’t either. So instead of running all over town with two kids, I just ordered them from Amazon and saved myself a headache and a little gas.  Since I had Prime it didn’t matter that I was only buying a $3 item. It still shipped free.

My Grandma is a hoarder. Not a dirty one that has rat skeletons under piles of clothing in her living room or anything. She is one of those “I have to keep this set of sheets I bought in 1962 -with dry rotted elastic- because I cant find sheets like that anywhere else”. Hey Grandma, have you checked Amazon? They have those sheets in 50 different color options!

My kids LOVE remotes. Love to use them as phones. Love to hide them places. Love to put them in glasses of water. Amazon has stocked every remote that I have ever needed. TV remotes, game console remotes, ceiling fan remotes. All of them!

Amazon Prime Two-Day Shipping

I am a sucker for free shipping. If you give me free and fast shipping you’ve got me for life.

There are only a handful of products that I have ordered from Amazon that have taken longer than two days to receive. Two days! There is nowhere else that can get a product to you that fast.

If you don’t need it in two days, Amazon will give you credits to use elsewhere to ship your product slower. How awesome is that??

Amazon Prime Movies and TV Shows

My husband and I LOVE movies. It’s like the one thing that we have in common. We’ve had a Netflix subscription since college and I’m not about to give that up. But there is no way I would give up my access to Amazon Prime movies and TV either.

There is really no overlap in the two services. It’s a totally different offering on Amazon which is why it makes it worth it for me.

In addition to Free movies and TV with my Prime membership Amazon also has paid options. If you have tried Redbox I’m sure you’ve also paid $14 for a movie that you forgot to return for a week or so. I’m embarrassed about the amount of Redbox and Blockbuster DVDs that we own because we forgot to return them. We no longer put ourselves in this position and instead just rent our movies from Amazon. It might be a dollar or two more but I don’t have to deal with the return process. The library of options is also HUGE.

Another thing that I love about Prime is my ability to have my own library of purchased movies. Any DVDs we have purchased in the past that included a digital subscription are housed in my Amazon Library. We’ve actually stopped buying physical copies altogether at this point because with Amazon we have access to our collection no matter where we are.

In the airport, on vacation, at my in-law’s house…. they are always available.

Amazon Prime Music

I’ve never really loved Pandora radio because you can’t choose the songs that you want to listen to. Plus I don’t really feel like they “listen” to me when I tell them the music that I like.

My husband and I paid for separate Spotify accounts for a LONG time because there was no way to share an account. Then we discovered that Prime has a FREE music service! Totally replaced Spotify and we can have as many family accounts as we want.

Amazon Prime Books

There are TONS of free books included with an Amazon Prime membership. There is also an app called Audible with tons of free audio books which are fantastic when you are trying to multitask!

I do also pay for Amazon Unlimited which gives me a ton more titles. It has adult AND children’s titles at the tip of my fingertips. I have two wild little children so going to the library is terrifying. I love having access to digital books for them, especially for holiday titles!

Check out my Epic! Books Review.

Amazon Baby

Another Amazon Prime savings benefit with membership is being able to get 20% off diapers! Yea, 20%. Honestly though, for me, the best part is having that huge case of diapers delivered to my door instead of me trying to lug it all over the place.


There are LOTS more great features that Amazon Prime offers but these are by far the ones I use the most.

What Else Does Amazon Have?

A few features that I am looking forward to using in the future are the Dash Buttons and Alexa Ordering.

The Dash button is literally a little button that you stick somewhere to help you reorder an item when you are running low. So you might put a Tide button in your laundry room and once you press the button a new bottle of Tide shows up at your door in two days.

Alexa ordering is basically just verbal ordering through any device with Alexa.

If you have been on the fence about Prime I hope this has given you a little insight into how beneficial it could be for your family.  It has the ability to give you some time back in your day and some money back in your pocket!

Are you an Amazon family?  If not, start your FREE 30-day Trial below!

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial


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