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The Best Pregnancy Subscription Box – A Mama Bird Box Review

pregnancy subscriptions | self care box for mom | self care during pregnancy

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For a mother with anxiety subscription boxes are an awesome treat!  We often forget to take care of ourselves so when a subscription box arrives its a nice reminder that we are important too!

Pregnancy is a fantastic time to get a subscription box.  Now more then ever it is important to take it easy, relax, and focus on ourselves.  I searched around for the best pregnancy subscription box and I honestly love the Mama Bird Box!

With a 2 and 4 year old at home, I have really been having a hard time with my latest pregnancy.  This pregnancy has been so different from my 1st two.  I’ve been exhausted from the very beginning and it has only seemed to get worse as I have entered my third trimester.

When I say exhausted, I mean I literally just want to sleep all day.  When I am not sleeping, my pelvic bones hurt so bad that I just want to do anything but move.  And while all I want to do is sleep, I’m not actually getting any sleep because I hurt all over and I have two other little ones to take care of.

How to Create an Evening Routine for Tired and Anxious Mamas

So yea, I am feeling a little sorry for myself these days.  I am used to being pretty active with my kids, having a very organized, clean home and I am just failing in those departments recently.

So when I get a Mama Bird box in the mail it instantly makes me feel better.  Its a nice little treat just for me.  It reminds me that even though this pregnancy is hard I am still doing something awesome and I deserve to be recognized for that.

gifts for pregnant mom | gift for new mom | Self care during pregnancy

What is a Mama Bird Subscription box for pregnant women?

Each box comes with 4-6 items that are appropriate for pregnant and new moms.  Each box is different so it is a fun surprise each month.

Honestly, my box came with lots of cute stuff that I would have enjoyed even if I wasn’t pregnant!

How to Subscribe?

You can do a 1, 3, or 6-month subscription with the one month box starting at $34.95

Can this be a Gift for a pregnant mom ?

YES!  It is seriously the perfect gift to give a pregnant mom!  Again, moms seem to frequently forget about themselves and with the focus on baby, it is SO nice to get a reminder that mama matters too!

What’s in the box?

I received a box to review in July (I’m a bit behind on my review, however you may have seen my unboxing on Instagram if you follow me there!)

First, the box was packaged super well so there were no broken items.  I know that seems like a silly thing to notice but I order a LOT of things online and nothing is worse than waiting on a package only for it to arrive broken!

Second, the box came with an insert that describes each product and how it can be used, where it is from and the retail price.  I love the extra detail on the products.

Also included were several coupons for the products in case I wanted to order more!

Last of course, were the products themselves!

pregnancy subscription box | new mom subscription box | Pregnancy gift | New mom gift

You Were Made for This Wall Hanging by Imani Collective

Artisan Made in Kenya and even includes the name of the maker!  Super cute and from a company with a goal of female empowerment.

Simply Mint Tisnae by The Tea Leaf CO

A very delicious mint tea that can be made hot or cold in a super cute little tin!

Mint Clay Mask by Ziya Soul

A Natural Clay mask that pair perfectly with a cup of hot mint tea!  Handmade with natural products which are important all the time but especially so when you are pregnant!

Mom and Baby Massage Oil by Wood River Naturals

This stuff smells great!  Now if only I could get my husband to rub my poor tired feet since I can no longer get down there!  This oil is great for mom or baby and can even be used on cradle cap!

Lavender and Oats Milk Bath by The Preserve Company

So I don’t typically take baths, I am more of a shower kind of girl HOWEVER this milk bath will be getting used! It smells so fantastic and I am holding off until I am having like the worst day ever to use it as I know it will be the perfect pick me up!

Why you Need to Create a Self-Care Box

I really enjoyed the products in this pregnancy self-care box.  I think they were sourced from responsible companies who use good, safe ingredients.  I also liked that the products were full size and I can get more than one use out of all of them.

If you are looking for a great gift for yourself or to a pregnant mom that you know I would highly recommend this box!

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