Benefits of Buying Local Produce | Start Shopping at a Local Farmers Market or Produce Stand

Yall.  If you are still shopping at the regular old grocery store for your produce you have got to stop!  Find a local farmers market and go there.  Like today! There are so many benefits of buying local produce and once you know them all you will kick yourself for not going sooner!

Yall.  If you are still shopping at the regular old grocery store for your produce you have got to stop!  Find a local farmers market and go there.  Like today!

There are so many benefits of buying local produce and once you know them all you will kick yourself for not going sooner!

Cost Savings Benefits of Buying From a Farmers Market

Okay, so we all want to save a few bucks right?  Not only does the farmers market have significantly cheaper foods but you can also afford to buy them in bulk.  This means being more for less and being able to stockpile now for when times might be tighter in the future.

Cost savings now AND being able to possibly save money in the future too.  Talk about a serious break for all those money worries that we constantly carry around with us.

Freshness Benefits of Buying From a Farmers Market

Do you know where that watermelon you bought at your grocery store came from?  What about the oranges or green beans or tomatoes.  Did you know that most of those items have to be picked BEFORE they are ready in order to have the time to package and ship those items to you?  So you aren’t even getting a product that was fully formed on the vine.

When you buy from a farmers market I can about guarantee you that your produce was picked in the last few days, at the peak of its freshness.

Whats the benefit of eating this way?  Taste my friend!  Taste!  Once you have eaten a farm grown, non-mass-produced tomato fresh off the vine you will immediately question what the heck you have been buying at the grocery store!  It’s not even comparable with taste or even texture!

Benefits of Buying Local Produce

Like I said before, do you know where the produce in your store is actually coming from?  If you live in North Carolina and you are eating cucumbers that were shipped in from California instead of the ones that were grown in your state how much sense does that make?  How much more are you paying to have that cucumber harvested, packaged, shipped, delivered, unloaded and stocked on the shelf?  Exactly, a lot more.

Supporting your Community by Buying From a Farmers Market

I firmly believe that if I invest in my own community I and my children will reap the results.  More money coming into a local economy has a trickle effect.  We end up with nicer parks, more community events, better restaurants with better ingredients, people that are more friendly and generous… the list goes on and on.

Creates Awareness of how Food is Grown

I had a conversation this week with a friend who lives in Alaska.  She posted a video and recipe of her cooking some bear meat which she hunted herself.  We talked about how people assume its so much more humane to eat packaged meat in the grocery store then to hunt.  Yall, meat in the grocery store is still from a dead animal.

My mom likes to just pretend she doesn’t know where meat comes from because it makes her ethically uneasy if she thinks about it.

Now, this conversation isn’t really about meat here.  But it’s about people not knowing where their food comes from anymore.  It comes from the ground, with rain and sun and a farmer’s hard work.  When the season is bad we have less, when the season is good we have more.

Your kids should KNOW where their food comes from!

Farmers markets are great for this because they aren’t packaging and shipping their foods.  Fruits and vegetables come with lumps and imperfections.  Different sizes and shapes.  Not just the sizes, shapes and colors that the corporate folks at the grocery stores deem is what is sellable.

Extra Special Homemade Treats are Found when Buying From a Farmers Market

I cant think of a farmers market or produce stand that I’ve ever been to that doesn’t offer a little something extra.  One that I do to literally out in the middle of nowhere always had homemade cookies, bread and ice cream from whatever fresh fruit is in season.

Another is famous for their strawberry shortcakes.  They also have a HUGE selection of jams, jellies, and pickled vegetables.

Another sells local honey, and yet another sells her own dried fruits.  Let me tell you I LOVE some dried apple slices!

Fun Outing for the Kids when you Go to a Farmers Market

Lastly, going to the farmers market is always a treat for the kids.  The grocery store is a chore but the farmers market is an adventure.  Its outside, they get to help pick the produce and they know they get an extra special treat at the end.

If these reasons aren’t enough to make you need to run to your nearest farmers market or produce stand I don’t know what will!  Seriously though, give it a try.  Especially during the summer when everything is magical and delicious.

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