9 Reasons The Stay At Home Mom Planner is a MUST for Surviving the Toddler Years

You need a stay at home mom planner to keep yourself sane during the toddler years. Stop forgetting play dates and appointment. Stop the disorganization, stop the clutter.

Why do you need a stay at home mom planner?

Have you made any excuses today because you just didn’t have the time?  Or because you forgot?

How about having to apologize again, as you rush your daughter into dance class, for being late because you forgot it was dance day!  What about eating chicken nuggets from a drive-through for the 3rd night this week because you just couldn’t get it together soon enough to make dinner?  Are you tired of using “mom brain” as an excuse for your general disorganization?

I was too.


As a stay-at-home mom, I often get asked what I do all day.  Seriously?  Um Everything.  I do everything all day.

Right?  We do everything.  We cook, we clean, we play, we drive, we juggle, we cuddle, we change sheets, and diapers, we tickle, we make calls, we do pick ups, we have play dates, we do library visits and park visits, we sing songs, we dance, we take naps, we wipe tears, we stop fights, we see doctors, we shop……we do ALL THE THINGS.

That list doesn’t even really scratch the surface of the time demands that we have as SAHMs.  So with all this juggling we are doing, it’s no wonder we “forget”, “misplace”, and “make-do”.  We are EXHAUSTED with it all.

But let’s get real.  We love being a mom  and there’s no way we would trade it for anything!  However, feeling like we are a little bit more organized and put together might be nice too!

What you need is something that can keep your crazy all in one place.  Keep your brain organized.  Give everything its own space, time, and location.

You need a stay at home mom planner.

Yes really.  Even SAHMs need to have a planner.

I started using a planner as a SAHM when Little E started going through chemo.  There was no way that one person could keep track of all that information AND take care of a little one.  It just wasn’t humanly possible.  I stopped using a planner for a while when she came off treatment but found myself going back to planning because it gave me control.

As a mom with serious anxiety, I really crave the control that a planner gives.

Being a SAHM means you have something new happening every day.  When you use a planner it helps your world stay a little more together because you already have a plan in place.  Now don’t get me wrong, I can’t always stick to my planner when things go crazy BUT that’s when I allow myself a little grace.

So why do you need a stay at home mom planner?

All information is stored in one place.

If you set it up properly, you can have everything you need to run your day all in one place.  It’s like having a brain outside your body.

When I was growing up my mom always referred to her planner as her “brain”.  She didn’t function very well without it and it was always with her.  I can vividly remember her brain riding shotgun everywhere we went.

There is no need to dig around for appointment cards or schedules.  No need to be in a panic at the grocery store because you left your well-crafted grocery list on the fridge.  Because obviously our mom brains won’t be able to retain that information without writing it down.  With a toddler screaming in your ear it’s not like you can retain information more than 12 seconds anyways!


Obviously, this is the first thing you think of when discussing a planner.  You need this though.  Don’t be that mom that has to reschedule appointments the day before because she overbooked herself.  If you are making an appointment, pull out your planner, double-check and save yourself a headache.  You do not have time to be booking appointments more than once!  #justsayin

Social Schedule

As SAHMs we went to make sure our kids are getting lots of socialization since we don’t have them in day care every day.  We do library days and park day.  Free movie days in the summer.  I create a social schedule, usually by season, so I can keep up with it all.  Towards the end of the year there are so many extra fun events that I don’t want the kids to miss out on.

Time Management

You have a million and one things to do today and it seems like it will be impossible to get it all done.  Being able to put it all out on paper and cross it off as things get accomplished is a satisfying feeling.  Breaking your day up into time slots is also a huge benefit you can find in a planner.

It is also about being realistic with your goals.  I am all about recognizing that you aren’t super mom and giving yourself a break when things don’t go as planned.  However, having a plan in place in the beginning will still help to make sure you can get more accomplished with the time you have.

Sharable Content

Do you even forget that you have something coming up and fail to connect with others that might be involved? A kids event that your husband needs to ask off work for.  A weekend where your parents need to keep the kids.

Having a planner allows you to look at events in advance and make appropriate plans.  Nothing sneaks up on you unless you let it.

Having a planner of your own allows you to coordinate schedules with others.

Visual Organization

Even if you have 1000 to-dos going on in your brain, the second you write them down you begin to process them in a different way. Visually its easier to prioritize and arrange tasks when you are working with a planner.

Plus we all know that when you are doing anything with a little one running around you will be stopping and starting.  If you are using a planner you can pick up right where you left off….even if it ends up having to wait until tomorrow.

Creative Outlet

Now, this might not be for everyone BUT it’s a great way to sneak in a little creativity.  A big part of the fun of having a planner is using special pens, stickers and washi tape.  You don’t have to, but why not?

You spend all your days creating fun stuff for your kiddos so why not have a place to create something fun for mom?

Honestly, I don’t have a ton of time to craft like I used to, or do any of the hobbies that I used to do.  So making my planner all cute and functional makes me really happy.


This is HUGE.  Your planner can go anywhere with you and is always accessible.  We are all over the place every day and we can take our “brain” with us!  No need to rely on memory anymore.

So yes, you need a stay at home mom planner.

You need it for your sanity.  Even as a SAHM whose boss is a tiny little yelling diva you will seriously benefit from having a visual form of organization that you can only get from a planner.  There will be no more forgotten dance classes.  No more drive-through dinners three nights a week.  You won’t feel like a failure for using the mom brain excuse AGAIN.

You will be the mom that has it all together.  The mom who gets asked by other moms “how do you keep up with it all?” You will be able to lay down at the end of a long day and know what you have going on tomorrow and be proud of what you accomplished today.

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