tips on organizing you entry way to stop loosing your stuff

Stop Losing Your Stuff – Create a Front Door Organization Plan

tips on organizing you entry way to stop loosing your stuff

We are a family of lost items

My bother is always loosing his car keys.  A few years ago he was living about an hour and a half from me.  He and a friend came to visit and after they left he made it all the way back to his home before he realized he didn’t have his keys.  His friend had to do another 3 hour round trip to get my brothers keys.

I am not just giving him a hard time.  This happens constantly.  It happens with other items besides his keys too.  His wallet gets left behind on a regular basis.  That might be his way of trying to mooch off of us but we will just assume it’s accidental.

To give my brother credit he’s not the only forgetful person in our family.  With me its my cell phone.  I am running after two wild little girls all day (usually in yoga pants) and have nowhere to keep my phone.  I often find myself out and about and realize I don’t even have it with me.

With my husband its sunglasses.  We are always having to search for sunglasses.  He actually has three of the exact same pair.  He looses them, orders a new pair, finds them, looses them….

Create a landing spot

Each of our homes have “landing spots” for these items, should you want to drop them when you come in the door.  I have two at my front door.  A decorative shelf with hooks for hats and dog leases and a bowl for all those other items that you don’t want to carry about in doors.  The shelf is immediately to the right of the front door.  The bowl is on a table directly in front of the door.

tips on organizing you entry way to stop loosing your stuff

Find a place that is close to your entry, or close to where you normally lay things down.  Give your things a place to go.  Pick a style that works for you.  One size does not fit all. Rather have things out of sight?  Just use a drawer organizer or decorative basket.

Great!  So now we know where to put these items. But what about remembering to pick them up again on our way out.

Grace Tips – This seems so insane to be typing out but its such a serious problem for our family.  We lose so much time going back and forth from the car to the house to grab things we forgot.  If you have a problem, even if it’s as simple as loosing your keys, find a system that can help you.

Physical and visual reminders

Recently we have started doing the “pat check”. Meaning you pat your wallet, keys, sunglasses, and phone before you walk out the door.  Its been working pretty well lately but I wanted to step it up a notch too.

I swung over to Hobby Lobby and grabbed a super cute frame from the clearance section and created this image to go in it.

Free Printable of front door, entry way sign to help not to loose your essential items
Free Printable of front door, entry way sign to help not to loose your essential items

It’s now hanging right beside the door as a nice little reminder to do the “pat check”.  Decorative and functional.

Grace Tips – Give yourself a break when you forget things.  Sometimes that crying baby or being in a hurry to get to church block out our rational thinking. It’s okay to not be perfect.

What other things do you and your families seem to misplace?

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