Stocking stuffers for kids | Christmas Gifts for kids | Christmas for toddlers | Stocking stuffers for toddlers

101 Non-Toy Stocking Stuffers for Kids

This guide is a follow-up to the Non-Toy Christmas Gift Guide for Kids.

Check out the Non-Toy Gift Guide Here.

Stocking Stuffers for kids

I love stockings, I really do.  It is the only “gift” that my husband and I have really done for each other since we have had children.  We see stockings as one more place to add thoughtful gifts.  There is nothing I hate more than a stocking filled with junk that I am going to be throwing away in a few days when no one is watching.

Now that’s not me being ungrateful, its me being a realist.  What am I supposed to do with random little knickknacks?  Or what is the point in getting cheap little Dollar Store toys that you know are going to break within the first two hours of play?   It is literally just throwing money down the drain because you felt pressured to fill a stocking.

Here are a few stocking stuffer tips

Don’t let yourself feel pressured to buy.  No matter what you end up getting it is just stuff.

Don’t feel like the stocking has to be overflowing.  A few awesome, thoughtful items will be way better than a lot of “filler” items.

Amazon is LIFE and almost everything on this list can be purchased there with two-day shipping!  Save yourself the drama and shop online!  (Or from handmade sellers because Makers are awesome!)

Stocking stuffers for kids | Christmas Gifts for kids | Christmas for toddlers | Stocking stuffers for toddlers

This post does contain affiliate links, you can see my full policy here.  I would never recommend anything that I don’t truly love !

 Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Clothing Items

    1. Silly Socks
    2. Underwear
    3. Flip Flops
    4. Slippers
    5. Hats
    6. Bonnet
    7. Tee Shirt
    8. Tights
    9. Socks
    10. Hair Ties
    11. Hair Bows
    12. Hair Brush
    13. Necklace
    14. Bracelet
    15. Earrings
    16. Rings
    17. Purse
    18. Stocking stuffers for kids | Christmas Gifts for kids | Christmas for toddlers | Stocking stuffers for toddlersWallet
    19. Sunglasses
    20. Watch
    21. Temporary Tattoos
    22. Play Makeup
    23. Chapstick
    24. Nail Polish
    25. Toothbrush
    26. Soaps
    27. Luffa
    28. Bubble Bath
    29. Bath Crayons
    30. Bath Bombs
    31. Bath Paint
    32. Hand Sanitizer
    33. Flash Cards
    34. Puzzle Books
    35. Memory Cards
    36. Wooden Blocks
    37. Sensory Toys
    38. Sea Monkeys
    39. Board Books
    41. Volcano Science Kit (Land Of Nod)
    42. Crystal Science Kit (Land Of Nod)
    43. Reusable Sticker Books
    44. Personalized Cup
    45. Felt Books
    46. Carry Books (Land Of Nod)
    47. Chalk
    48. Bubbles
    49. Glow Sticks
    50. Seed Packs
    51. Jump Rope
    52. Garcening Gloves
    53. Gardenting Tools
    54. Coloring Books
    55. Color Wonder
    56. Crayons
    57. Marekers
    58. Penils
    59. Stickers
    60. Play Doh
    61. Kinetic Sand
    62. Slime
    63. Silly Putty
    64. Paintable Bird House
    65. Finger Paints
    66. Kids Stamping Kits
    67. Watercolors
    68. Green Kids Crafts Gift Card
    69. Washi Tape
    70. Cookie Cutters
    71. Cooking Kits
    72. Apron
    73. Cooking Utensils
    74. Placemats
    75. EZPZ Plate
    76. Kidstir Gift Card 
    77. Silicone Ice Cube Trays
    78. Felt or Wooden Food
    79. Dominoes
    80. Uno Cards
    81. Go Fish
    82. 82.   Old Maid
    83. Rubix Cube
    84. Checkers
    85. Headphones
    86. Flashlight
    87. Lazer Pointer
    88. Walkie Talkies
    89. Head Lamp
    90. Hand Puppets
    91. Finger Puppets
    92. Teething Necklace
    93. Bibs
    94. Paci and Paci Clips
    95. Sophie the Giraffe
    96. Personalized Ornamet
    97.  Loving Little Hands Gift Card
    98. Magnets
    99. Paper Dolls
    100. Puzzles
    101. Tooth Fairy Envelope (Land of Nod)

Can you think of anything I missed??  Let me know and I will add it to the list!!  Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Christmas Series posts and grab a copy of your Christmas Printables Collection!!




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