Organizing Tips to Save Your Sanity and Help You Succeed

Before we even jump into organizing I want to share with you a few tips on how I stick to a plan and don’t pull my hair out.  These are ways that I keep my sanity and ways that help me succeed.  All our lives are different.  We have different schedules, different homes, different taste buds…. But if you start implementing these four things into your schedules you will see a HUGE difference in stress level and success rate.

Give yourself Grace

I’m going to preach this over and over. You are NOT supermom.  There is no such thing.  There are never going to be enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you want to do.  The sooner you recognize and make your peace with this the easier life will be.

I had a full on mommy meltdown about the time I was pregnant with Magnolia and it took hours of therapy for me to get that into my head.  Save your time and your money.  Just accept it.  Supermom does not exist.

God did not put you or I on this earth to waste time worrying about laundry and dirty toilets.  He did not make you a mother so you could lay awake at night regretting the time you lost with your kids during the day.

For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of Power and love and self control. 2 Timothy 1:7


You have all the power over your feelings.  So when the ones of self doubt and fear of failure creep in … don’t listen.  They aren’t real.  They are a lie.

Even if there is a weeks worth of dishes in the sink, both kids have pink eye and you cant remember your last shower… you aren’t failing.  Its called motherhood and its a marathon not a sprint.  Take a deep breath and start over.

Always have a backup plan

Seriously.  I have a backup plan for a messy house.  True story.

In every room I have some kind of collection area for stuff that I don’t have time to deal with.  In the living room its baskets.  They are decorative and most people would have no idea that they are filled with this weeks hair bows, lost toys and puzzle pieces.I take them down when I have a free moment and put everything back where it goes.  Its okay to have out of sight out of mind for a little bit. Just don’t let it pile up for weeks on end.

I am not ashamed to hide my mess for a few hours or days even.


In the bathroom, I have a cute little bin that collects enough dirty clothes for about two or three showers.  Yes, it would be so easy to pick it up and throw it in the hamper BUT I know from experience that usually never happens.  So we collect a little and then move it.  At least its not just laying on the floor.

The kitchen has an unused area that just collects odds and ends throughout the week.  Mail, Barbie shoes, phone chargers…..random stuff.  Its got a nice little place to collect until we have time to deal.

My point is, recognize those areas of your home that are pain point and find a creative way to deal with them.  Too many blankets end up in your living room?  Get a decorative basket to throw them in.  Too many used towels in the bathroom?  Get a cute hook to hang them on.

Should you be putting the blankets back?  Yes.  Should you be putting the towels back? Yes.  When life happens and those things have to wait then just use your back up plan!

Be Prepared

Always keep your cleaning supplies on hand.  Get more when you are running low NOT when you are running out.  I have a spare cabinet in my laundry room that I keep my extras in.  I always have two of everything!



Two sets of sheet, two comforters, at least two towels for every person in the family.  If something happens to the first set I have a backup to go to.

You also want your supplies accessible.  I have cleaning “stations” in both bathrooms.  Sharing supplies is fine but its also easier to clean up a mess right in the moment instead of having to run to another room to get what you need.

One Size DOES NOT Fit All

Minimalizing is great in certain areas, and when used in the right situation it works.  When it comes to cleaning I totally disagree.  There are certain cleaners to be used in the kitchen and others that are just for bathrooms.  All purpose does not cut it for me when it comes to poop. YUCK.

Getting that one awesome steam mop with the 52 attachments sounds great until you realize that you only need the mop and the 52 attachments makes the mop pretty heavy and hard to use.

Get the right tools for the job.

Get the tools that work for you. 

Keep them in a place that makes sense.

Lets summarize here. Give yourself Grace when things don’t go as planned, have a back up plan in place, be prepared for the tasks ahead and have the appropriate tools on hand.

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  1. Yesss I love the backup plan step! It’s so true, sometimes you just have to be ok with a different reality than you had hoped. These are such great tips, thanks for the encouragement!

    • Most days I do have to be okay with a different reality! Kids are unpredictable, so when you have kids your life become unpredictable lol!!

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