An Introduction to Organizing with Grace

home organization | graceful livingOne of the most important parts of my life is organization.  Without being organized things get lost, forgotten and left behind. I choose to organize with Grace.

I organize everything. Literally.  Chores, Food, Laundry, Activities….. EVERYTHING.

To some being so organized might seem very rigid.  Its not. Why?  Because I organize with Grace!

So what does organizing with Grace mean?

Organizing with Grace is approaching organizational tasks with an attitude of flexibility, compromise and forgiveness.



Flexibility = Grace

Even the best laid plans can and will fall apart at times.  Sometimes that dinner that you worked on ALL DAY burns.  Sometimes that awesome vacation you spent the last six months planning gets canceled because everyone came down with the flu. Sometimes your mother shows up unannounced.  Sometimes you just need to take a breather.

When plans fall apart that doesn’t mean you have to.  Make the best of it. Adjust accordingly and move on.

Compromise = Grace

Organization often involves other people.  Especially when it comes to activities and food.  Your kids, your husband, your church, your friends.  You will often need to adjust your own schedule to fit in with someone else’s.  This is okay.  An hour or two or a day or two isn’t going to ruin all your hard work.  You will be able to get back on track.

Compromising your time and your efforts with someone else doesn’t mean that your own plans are wrong.  It just means that you value the other person or situation more.

Forgiveness = Grace

This is a big one y’all.  Forgive yourself when things don’t go according to plan.  Even though you pretend to be, you are NOT supermom.  Its okay!  No one is perfect. God did not create you to be supermom.  He created you to be A MOM.  Let me teach you how to spend more time being a mom and less time being a house keeper, chef, and taxi driver.

One thing that I like to ask myself about the importance of anything is:

In one month will ______ matter?  In a year?  Five years?

In one month will choosing to nap with my teething toddler over cleaning out that closet that’s on my to do list matter?   NO

In one year will it matter that I choose to let my three year old stay up late two nights in a row to hang out with her dad? NO

In five years will it matter that I ate 6 cookies for breakfast instead of that healthy spinach and fruit smoothie I had already prepped in the freezer?  NO (I mean I hope not anyways)


So if I am willing to let so many things slide then why even bother with organization?


I organize to save time.

I organize to save money.

I organize to minimalize.


Saving Time = Grace

When you have a system already in place you no longer have to plan out how to handle something.  If you have a meal plan already made up you don’t have to run to the grocery store every night.  You can use that time to cuddle with your kiddos or take a walk or maybe even have a few more min. alone in the shower!!

Saving Money = Grace

Have you ever left that beach towel and swim diaper in the car for over a week and tried to wash it and get the smell out?  Ain’t happening!  Its never coming out!  I organize my car and even my car cleaning schedule so this kind of thing never happens.  I don’t want to buy new towels because I did something dumb.

If you are reading this and thinking “I would never do that”…. well maybe not but I bet you’ve done something equally as dumb because you were tired, not thinking or just plain forgot.

Seriously though, who wants to spend hard earned money on new things when your old things were perfect until you did something dumb?  Not me. Probably not you either.

Minimalizing = Grace

With kids if you forget something that usually means you HAVE to buy another one. There is no waiting until you get home when you are 2.   Paci’s, diapers (which if your kid can only tolerate certain brands can be a SERIOUS problem)… We have THREE toddler potty’s because we forgot them when we traveled.  I don’t want or need three toddler potty’s!  Planning ahead and being organized helps to avoid having to buy duplicates of everything.

Duplicates create more clutter that you DO NOT NEED.  If you can avoid creating a duplicate to begin with then why not??


Grace Tip: Organization does not have to be rigid, it can be freeing, relaxing and compromising.


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I cant wait to start helping you get your free time and sanity back!

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