When a clean house includes fun activites for kids – everyone wins

How can homemaking involve fun activities for kids? How many times have you been asked "so what do you do all day?".  At least 100 right?  Yea, I am so over it.  I just answer that question with an eye roll these days.  I mean we do EVERYTHING all day!  If they only knew what a stay at home mom schedule really looked like!  Its not just rainbows, sunshine and Pinterest perfect fun activities with kids.  Am I right? Lately I've found myself getting pretty frustrated that I can't seem to get … [Read more...]

Raising a strong-willed child

I gave birth to what most people would describe "a strong-willed child".  I personally hate this term.  It's just a nice way of saying that my daughter is out of control.  Sometimes she is, but she's also only three.  She hasn't learned how to properly express the emotions that she is feeling.  Most adults I know don't do too great of a job at this either. The amount of times that I have gotten irritated looks at restaurants makes me sad.  I get sympathetic glances from other shoppers almost … [Read more...]