Have a clean home in an hour

Have a Clean Home in an Hour It does not need to take you more than an hour per day to clean your home.  You can totally have a clean home in an hour per day.  If you have a schedule you always know what needs to be done, you can put all your to-do items on a rotating schedule and you can spend all that extra time with your kids. Stay-at-home moms are still in charge of homemaking. Homemaking is such a dirty word these days.  It somehow makes most women feel inferior, like taking care of … [Read more...]

Organizing Tips to Save Your Sanity and Help You Succeed

Before we even jump into organizing I want to share with you a few tips on how I stick to a plan and don't pull my hair out.  These are ways that I keep my sanity and ways that help me succeed.  All our lives are different.  We have different schedules, different homes, different taste buds.... But if you start implementing these four things into your schedules you will see a HUGE difference in stress level and success rate. Give yourself Grace I'm going to preach this over and over. You are … [Read more...]