Stop Waking Up Before Your Kids

I feel like I should write a disclosure every time I post my opinion on my own blog.  SO here it is!  This is my OPINION on MY blog.  You do not have to agree with everything I say and I am in no way judging anyone whose opinion is different than mine.

I am not waking up before my kids on purpose.  It’s not going to happen.  There is no reason that I can come up with that I need to get up an hour earlier and lose even more sleep.

Maybe these guides are for moms with older kids.  I don’t know.  My kids are 3 and 18 months.  I am a breastfeeding, co-sleeping mom.  This means I am already up off and on ALL NIGHT LONG meeting the needs of my children.  I am not going to wake up earlier to do house chores, self-care or anything else that other people might find more important than sleep!

I know I can’t be totally wrong in this!  Every mom I know complains about the lack of sleep.  Why should we give this up?  What is it that we can accomplish in this hour before our kids wake up that we can’t do when they are awake?


Check out my guide on how to clean your home in an hour a day.  This is hour is WITH your kids being awake.  It just takes a little scheduling.  If your kids are always in your way try letting them help you!  Start including your kids and the task will stop seeming so daunting. Check out the list of ways you can include little ones HERE.

I cant imagine having to wake up before the rest of my house each day because I couldn’t find any other solution to making sure my home was clean.

Me time?

I do think me time is important, but not at the expense of sleep.  If you aren’t getting enough sleep you aren’t going to be functioning well anyways.  Not getting enough sleep is going to make it even harder to actually commit to your “me” time.

I also think that as a mom, in this season we might not always get “me” time each day.  It is what it is.  Make your peace with that and move on.  Don’t stress yourself out over not getting to read any of your new book today, just try again tomorrow. (Again… Please see the disclosure at the top of this post before jumping down my throat)

Bible Study?

This one I would possibly consider but personally it takes me so long to fully wake up in the morning I know I wouldn’t get as much out of it as I would if I were properly awake.  If you are feeling like you are missing your bible time try some new methods of worship.  Put on worship music during the day or listen to Christian podcasts.

I have found that the best time for me, in my mom life, to talk to God is in the shower.  I’m usually alone, relaxed and its QUIET.

I also love the quiet time at night, when the kids are sleeping and I can hear the hum of the dishwasher in the background.  It’s the end to a day, I’m in a happy, peaceful place and there is where I can fully commit my mind to bible study.


When you do need extra time where can you find it?

Solution…Nap time!  With my cleaning schedule you should be done with all your household chores by nap time so here is where you can fit in your “me” time or bible time. Some days all I want is a nap too, so I take one with the kids!  I can do that because I am counting that as my “me” time.

What if your kids don’t take naps?

If your kids don’t nap anymore try giving them an earlier bedtime.  Toddlers and Preschoolers need somewhere between 10-14 hours of sleep per day.  If you’ve lost a nap they should be making up the sleep time at night.

If they are going to bed later each night try slowing bumping up the bedtime each week.  You might also try introducing a bedtime routine.  Bath, Pjs, storytime, bed.  This way bedtime isn’t such a stressful experience.

If you’ve got all your kids in bed by 8pm that leaves several hours for you to have time alone, with your spouse, or whatever you want to use it for.

So there is a whole day of chores, tasks, alone time and extras that did not require me to wake up any earlier then my children!  What about you?  Are you an early riser or do you rejoice in your sleep?



  1. Hahaha I loved this! When I read the title I thought “Oh here we go, another blog post to make me feel guilty and tell me why I should get up before my kids” and then I was very pleasantly surprised! 😄 I need every single blasted second of sleep! So glad you feel the same way. I get nothing done in the morning. Nothing. I am not a morning person. Just let me take forever to wake up and then I’ll get something done. Maybe. 😂

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