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Who doesn’t want to make healthy choices for their family?  I know that I do.  I also know that I am a mom, I don’t have time to go to 12 specialty stores to get “healthy”, “natural”, “non-toxic” or “cruelty free” products.

What if I told you that there are already good choices out there at your “normal” stores, you just have to know which cleaning solutions to look for.

But it’s so confusing.

Trust me, I know.  First, I’m sure you probably aren’t shopping alone.  You’ve probably got at least one child who is READY TO GO by the time you get to the cleaning isle.  Then you are bombarded with pretty packaging.  With label’s that you couldn’t make sense of if you were alone much less right now when you have kids in tow.

It gets even more confusing when a brand that has safe products in one category might have unsafe products in another.


All the info that I am giving you is straight from the EWG. You can get a more extensive read on their site if you have the time in between nap times one day.  For now, let me just paraphrase for you.

Avoid anything that says

Active Ingredients or Antibacterial – Apparently this means that particular product contains pesticides to kill bacteria.  We don’t want pesticides on our kitchen counters.  No thank you.

Optical Brightener- These make laundry look brighter but can actually stick to fabrics and cause skin irritation.

Use Caution

Natural, Plant Based, Organic and Non-toxic are not regulated words in the cleaning solution industry.  DO NOT rely on these words to judge the safety of a product.

Essential Oils are not automatically safe just because they are natural.  Some essential oils should not be used around small children and pets.

Try to use

Chlorine Free over Chlorine

Free and Clear over anything with an added fragrance

Look for these seals of approval

EWG, Green Seal, EcoLogo, and Design for the Environment (The EWG does have a few concerns over approved chemicals within this program)

Lables to look for when chosing healthier cleaning solutions for your family

Okay, great, guidelines…. Sure that’s helpful but let me take it a bit further for you.

I’m sure you are like me and spend a bit of time at Target.  So cliché right?  I know, but really I just can’t help myself most days.

Anyways, Target has a pretty decent selection in the Natural/Non-toxic cleaning category.  Some stores are obviously going to vary by location but here is a list of brands whose entire line of products falls in the Green and Yellow categories at the EWG.


Better Life

Fit Organic

Grab Green


JR Watkins


Molly Suds

**Mrs. Meyers

Nellies All Natural

**  Seventh Generation

(**) – Lets talk about the starred items for a minute.  So some of these brands have products that contain sodium borate.  Nobody can decide if borax is good or bad.  The EWG is airing on the side of caution and saying they don’t like it.  I’m okay with it, I’m not eating it and its a natural substance.  Check it out for yourself and decide what’s best for you.

I LOVE these cleaning solutions

My personal favorites are Method and Mrs. Meyers.  I’ve been using both of these brands for years, they smell great, have nice packaging and actually clean what they are supposed to clean!!

I really love these products because I’m not afraid of my kids getting into them.  Now I don’t just leave them out BUT I feel safer having these products in my home.

I also love that IF my kids want to help or be in the same room that I am cleaning in its okay.  With kids like mine I will usually have one helping and one hovering so either way I’m good!

While I love having a nice, organized, clean home the path to getting there is not something that I want to spend all my time doing.  BUT when I am using amazing products it makes to chore a little less miserable and helps me get it done faster!

What products do you love?

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