Face care never smelled so good – Chocolate Face Masque and more

Face care never smelled so good - A chocolate masque review of Fountain of Youth SkincareHealthy skin starts with natural face care products

I LOVE a good face mask.  There is just something about a clean, moisturized face that just gives me the right amount of pick me up.

Face masks are the new “it” face care item right now.  It seems like everyone is taking face mask selfies these days!   Charcoal and Clay seem to be big winners and have great properties to them.  Charcoal draws out impurities and removes blackheads.  Clay cleans and removes grease and dirt.  Sounds like you should totally head to the store, blindly grab a bottle and go to town on your face!  Right?!?

No.  Please don’t.  Seriously.  Not a joke.

Pamper yourself!  But pamper yourself safely.

Remember that conversation we had about sunscreen and picking a good one?  About how if you don’t pay attention to what products you choose you could be slopping toxic chemicals all over your skin?  This includes your face masks mama!  Good skin does not come from bad products.

I’m always up for a good product that you don’t have to go out of your way to get.  I love the selection of non-toxic products that you can find at Target.  BUT occasionally I do like to get something a little more glamorous!

Welcome to the Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth Skincare offers amazing products and a really awesome business model.  It actually makes me feel a bit ashamed of even thinking about buying products from a box store.  They are US owned and made, vegan, cruelty free, organic and farm grown.  You can only purchase products in their online store or at like-minded retail partners.  It’s all about sustaining the small business economy  and removing the middle man to make a superior product at a lower price.

I received a few free products to test out and honestly I tried to save them for the “right” moment.  I wanted to be in a nice, quiet, relaxed mood.  Maybe one night after the kids were in bed.  But when does that actually happen?

And you know what I finally decided?  That every moment of every day is the “right” moment for anything you want it to be.  Holding out for the right moment is like wishing that your right now moment was different. That’s not what I want my life to be about.

Mom life is what we make of it.  If I choose to look at my whole day and deem that it isn’t good enough or relaxing enough to take a ten min break for some face care then I am going to be constantly disappointed. Not just with face masks but with everything.  Embrace the season that you are in and stop wishing it was different.


Just Go for it

I made up my mind that Little E and I would have some spa time while baby sister was napping.  We got my face care products from Fountain of Youth ready.  I whipped up a homemade face mask for E.  It was just plain yogurt but she didn’t know the difference!  Got my camera ready so we could take silly photos together with our masks on.

The bathroom was all set up for our impromptu pampering session and then she denied me.  She was not interested in face masking with me at all!  What little three-year old doesn’t want to help mommy make a mess on her face? Apparently mine.

So denied and shut down by my sassy little girl I rolled with the punches and went for it anyways.  You better believe I took face mask selfies all by myself too!

The Chocolate Masque

The first impression

The chocolate masque by FOY is one of those smells that makes you instantly start salivating.  I am a chocolate lover (isn’t everyone?) and this honestly smells like the most decadent mousse cake.  I was seriously tempted to give it a little taste test.

After the first whiff of chocolate decadence I couldn’t get this masque on my face fast enough.  I slathered it on, with my fingers because I’m that kind of girl.  It went on cool at first but slowly started to heat up and tingle.  It smelled fantastic the whole time.

The final reveal

Face care never smelled so good - A chocolate masque review of Fountain of Youth Skincare

I did have a bit of a surprise when I took the masque off.  My face was seriously tingling.  Have you ever used tingle lotion in the tanning bed?  The kind that brings all your blood to the surface to help you tan faster?  Yea, I used to be tanner before I knew better!  Anyways that is what my face felt and looked like after the masque came off.

So I looked like I had a MAJOR sunburn.  Freaked me out a bit and honestly it didn’t feel amazing and refreshing like I hoped.  My face felt very sensitive.  But it also felt amazingly smooth.  I’ve been suffering from multiple breakouts recently and it has left a lot of rough, flaking skin on my forehead.  Super gross.  After the chocolate masque it was completely smooth!  Not a single rough patch left.

I was pretty stunned at how well it exfoliated because the masque went on like a gentle mousse and there was no scrubbing involved.  The redness wore off after about 20 min as did the sensitivity and I was just left with super smooth skin.Face care never smelled so good - A chocolate masque review of Fountain of Youth Skincare

It’s probably not a mask I would use every week due to the tingle being pretty intense but it is a great product to have on hand to help with stubborn skin problems.


The Coconut Moisturizer

I also tested the Coconut Moisturizer which ended up being just as amazing.  It has a very, very light smell which I LOVE.  I can’t handle highly scented products that I am going to have to smell on my face all day long.  The moisturizer is so lightweight but completely effective.  Its meant to help with pigmentation and redness which was a total bonus for my face!

It is a keeper!

Fountain of Youth is a bit pricey for my taste BUT the fact that these products worked fantastically makes the price worth it to me.  I don’t mind paying a higher price when I know something is going to work.

Another awesome fact about FOY is that you can buy a sample size in almost every product for $2!  The practical side of me loves that I can “try it before I buy it”, but after the Chocolate Masque and the Coconut Moisturizer I can’t image that any of their products would disappoint.

Have you tried Fountain of Youth yet?




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