6 reasons to ditch the toys

Stop buying your kids toys.  Seriously.  Stop.

These toys are not making your kids happy in the long run.  Have you ever watched your child try to play in a room crammed full of toys?  My kids have anxiety all over their face when they are forced to make a decision in a mountain of toys.  Don’t stress out your kids, just ditch the toys.

Its messy

I hear it over and over again.  The playroom is out of control.  We don’t have enough room for all the toys.  Toys have taken over the house.  It seems that we as parents like to keep a clean, nicely decorate, clutter free home EXCEPT when it comes to kids toys.  Then we just give up, give in and just excuse the mess because it’s for the kids”.

If we don’t allow ourselves to grow a huge collection of things why should we teach our child that they should be able to?


There is something about noisy toys that just calls to grandparents!  My parents and my in-laws always buy the most obnoxiously noisy toys.  (Love you guys!!) When you have a room full of noisy toys that’s all you hear all day.  It’s all your kids hear all day.

There is something to be said about silence.  children’s minds can think and learn and explore in the silence.  They can create their own sounds and stories instead of having to rely on the batties in the toys to do it for them.

They aren’t using them

Take a look at what your kids are actually using.  I guarantee that they aren’t using half of what they have.  Why?  Because you probably have more than one of certain types of toys.  You also probably have so many toys that your kids forget about them if they end up too far down in the toy container.

Why are you keeping them then?  What is the purpose of a toy that is not getting used?  Sure you could place an unused toy on top of the pile but that just means another toy is rotating to the bottom.

Toy rotation

I don’t get it.  Honestly.  Your kids have SO MANY toys that you take some away and then bring them back later and its like Christmas morning!  Did your kids really get bored with the ones they had left?  Did they ask for the ones you put back?

I attempted this with my 3-year-old and she never once asked for any of the toys I put away.  UNLESS she saw where I was storing them.  Only then did she remember.

No use of imagination

Kids need to learn to use their imagination, to problem solve, to create.  When you have toys that only serve on purpose your children are not really required to think out of the box.  IF you instead invest in toys that serve multiple purposes they can use their imagination and play in so many different ways.


Your job as a parent is to raise your children to become active, contributing members of society.  If you are using toys simply to entertain your children you are doing them a great disservice.  You could be using toys to help educate and grow your children.  I’m not saying that their toys can’t be fun, they should be, but they can serve a dual purpose.

These toys are not making your kids happy in the long run.  Have you ever watched your child try to play in a room crammed full of toys?  My kids have anxiety all over their face when they are forced to make a decision in a mountain of toys.  Don't stress out your kids, just ditch the toys

How to get rid of the toys.

  1.  Start getting rid of the toys with batteries.  IF its your childs absolute favorite toy, or something they play with on a regular, keep it.  If not, box it up and donate it.
  2. Get rid of duplicates.  You do not need two of the same toy, you don’t need two of ALMOST the same toy either.  Pick the newest or the one that’s in the best shape and toss the others. When we did our playroom clean out we got rid of 3 dollhouses.  Three!  I only have two kids and we had a total of six dollhouses!  That’s crazy!
  3. Get rid of the toys that are no longer age appropriate.  Stop holding on the sentimental toys that you wished your kids played with but didn’t.  Get rid of all those baby toys that you are “saving” in case you have more kids.  If you really want to save them, get them out of the general toy population.  otherwise, they gots to go
  4. Pay attention to what your kids are using.  You can buy your kids toys all day but when it comes down to it, they will decide what they like, not you.  I could buy my oldest daughter baby dolls all day long but ultimately she’s going to pick a set of figurines to play with.
  5. Talk to your kids about the things they want to get rid of.  There may be things that you think they love that they are actually no longer attached to.

If you are really scared to get rid of something set it aside for a few weeks.  When we did our 1st of 3 big cleanouts I boxed up a bunch of toys and put them in the garage.  My kids never even noticed…. until the day we drove the boxes to Goodwill.

Benfits of having less toys

your kids are actually getting use out of the toys they have.  They don’t feel pressured to play with everything.

Your kids will have more room to spread out and play!  We have a set of wooden train tracks that my daughter loves but there was never room to set it up.  Now that there aren’t as many toys, there isn’t as much mess. So there is always room to play with the trains.

Speaking of mess.  Less toys equals less clean up time!  Bonus points for mom!

Honestly letting go of my kids toys was one of the best things I have done.  I’m not saying I’m never buying them toys again but we will be making a conscious effort to buy less.  When we do make a purchase, it wont be a duplicate or something that only has a singular purpose.  It will be something that will inspire imaginative and creative play!

Are you ready to take the plunge and clean out your playroom?  I’d love to see pictures of your before and after!

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