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4 Activities For Kids When Mom is Busy

  I don't know about you but my kids are always with me.  Literally, always.  My husband is home on the weekends and that's it.  Monday through Thursday it's just the girls and me.  Anything that I need to get done I have to do with both kids. While to I recommend letting your kids be more involved in the housekeeping routine I realize there are times when you just need to get something done in a hurry.  Maybe your mom is stopping by to pick up one of the kids or the cable guy has … [Read more...]

Face care never smelled so good – Chocolate Face Masque and more

Healthy skin starts with natural face care products I LOVE a good face mask.  There is just something about a clean, moisturized face that just gives me the right amount of pick me up. Face masks are the new "it" face care item right now.  It seems like everyone is taking face mask selfies these days!   Charcoal and Clay seem to be big winners and have great properties to them.  Charcoal draws out impurities and removes blackheads.  Clay cleans and removes grease and dirt.  Sounds like you … [Read more...]

Healthy Cleaning Solutions That Are Easy to Find

Who doesn't want to make healthy choices for their family?  I know that I do.  I also know that I am a mom, I don't have time to go to 12 specialty stores to get "healthy", "natural", "non-toxic" or "cruelty free" products. What if I told you that there are already good choices out there at your "normal" stores, you just have to know which cleaning solutions to look for. But it's so confusing. Trust me, I know.  First, I'm sure you probably aren't shopping alone.  You've probably got at … [Read more...]

When a clean house includes fun activites for kids – everyone wins

How can homemaking involve fun activities for kids? How many times have you been asked "so what do you do all day?".  At least 100 right?  Yea, I am so over it.  I just answer that question with an eye roll these days.  I mean we do EVERYTHING all day!  If they only knew what a stay at home mom schedule really looked like!  Its not just rainbows, sunshine and Pinterest perfect fun activities with kids.  Am I right? Lately I've found myself getting pretty frustrated that I can't seem to get … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Fight Fear and Anxiety – For Moms

Anxiety creeps up on you like an invisible beast, cutting off rational thought, normal body functions and altering your personality. It is one of the hardest things I have ever battled.  The battle isn't over for me and it probably wont ever be over for you either.  That's just something you are going to make your peace with. I might be okay with labeling myself as anxious but I certainly don't want to wake up every day and do nothing about it.  We can't make it go away but I can show you how … [Read more...]