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Have a clean home in an hour

Have a Clean Home in an Hour It does not need to take you more than an hour per day to clean your home.  You can totally have a clean home in an hour per day.  If you have a schedule you always know what needs to be done, you can put all your to-do items on a rotating schedule and you can spend all that extra time with your kids. Stay-at-home moms are still in charge of homemaking. Homemaking is such a dirty word these days.  It somehow makes most women feel inferior, like taking care of … [Read more...]

Why I am not adding self-care to my schedule and you shouldn’t either

**Disclosure** This is MY blog.  These are my OPINIONS.  I am not judging any mom in any way.  I have NOT had an easy road in motherhood.  Read my bio before you leave a nasty comment about how I just don't understand how hard you have it.  I am not bashing you if you practice self-care.  I am just simply saying that self-care may NOT be the answer to your problem if you are not prioritizing taking care of yourself at all.  I am also just saying that as moms we already have a LOT on our plates … [Read more...]

Say NO to the summer emergency car kit

Okay, I'm going to get real today and some of y'all might not like it.  I want us all to protect our kids and ourselves to the best of our ability.  No,  I don't want you to have to go completely out of your way to buy fancy, expensive products or spend all day at the store deciphering labels.  I DO want you to be able to enjoy your time with your kids and not worry about every little thing. If you read my post on safe sunscreen you should also scroll to the bottom and read some of the … [Read more...]

Summer Activity Schedule – Organize Your Fun

My kids are not in school yet, so just because its summer does not mean that our schedule is any different.  However, its summer and there are so many things that I want to make sure that we take advantage of in this season. I also know that as a SAHM if I don't put things on a schedule I can allow myself to "just do it tomorrow".  I stay at home with my kids so I can spend time with them.  So I can make memories with them.  I hate the days when I lay down at night and realized we didn't … [Read more...]

Raising a strong-willed child

I gave birth to what most people would describe "a strong-willed child".  I personally hate this term.  It's just a nice way of saying that my daughter is out of control.  Sometimes she is, but she's also only three.  She hasn't learned how to properly express the emotions that she is feeling.  Most adults I know don't do too great of a job at this either. The amount of times that I have gotten irritated looks at restaurants makes me sad.  I get sympathetic glances from other shoppers almost … [Read more...]