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Your sunscreen could be poisinging you – A guide to safe sunscreen

  This post may contain affiliate links.  See my full disclosure policy here.   School is out.  Summer is almost here.  It is time for the season of being outside, in the water and in the sun.  Sunscreen should be a staple in your day-to-day at this point.  Even if you are just going to be out running errands its best to protect your skin. I hope the guide below will help you make informed decisions when choosing a safe sunscreen. Skin Cancer Prevention I will be 30 in a few … [Read more...]

Stop Loosing Your Stuff – Create a Front Door Organization Plan

We are a family of lost items My bother is always loosing his car keys.  A few years ago he was living about an hour and a half from me.  He and a friend came to visit and after they left he made it all the way back to his home before he realized he didn't have his keys.  His friend had to do another 3 hour round trip to get my brothers keys. I am not just giving him a hard time.  This happens constantly.  It happens with other items besides his keys too.  His wallet gets left behind on a … [Read more...]

We are not raising entitled children

Back Story My Little E was our firstborn, the first grandchild, niece and great-grandchild on both sides.  She went through chemo at 9 months old.  She was loved by her family, her nurses, random strangers.  She was spoiled rotten.  She wasn't really around many other children for the first few years of her life because she had no cousins, she was very susceptible to disease and I was a SAHM and she never went to daycare. Fast forward. She is a perfectly healthy, wild, loud, little … [Read more...]

The Best Shower Gifts for A Breastfeeing Mom

After having two girls I know a thing or two about what new breastfeeding moms REALLY need.  You know that they are going to get tons of diapers and clothes but what no one really considers is breastfeeding supplies! I am an avid breastfeeding supporter.  When I had my first daughter breastfeeding did not come naturally for me.  I had a horrible lactation consultant, no friends or family members who had breastfed and practically no help with figuring it all out.  I don't want this to happen … [Read more...]

Co-Sleeping is the right choice

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Co-sleeping is such a highly debated topic these days.  I'm admiting right up front that we have been co-sleeping with our girls since they each came home from the hospital and we LOVE it.  We now have a 3 year old and a 14 month old in our  bed every night and we still LOVE it. Whether you co-sleep or not is totally up to you and your family. I wanted to share my own opinions and our co-sleeping journey because I feel like it is important for other … [Read more...]